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VS. North Adelaide

Round 18, 23 August 2014, 2:10pm @ Prospect Oval.

CDFC 10.8.68 North Adelaide 18.7.115 lost by 47 points

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Mabon, Ben

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The Big Bulldog Cash Draw - Win $10,000
To assist the Central District Football Club in its Fundraising ahead of the 2015 season, why... Read more
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We're a winning team at Centrals
We're the mighty fighting 'dogs
We love our Club and we play to win
Riding the bumps with a grin at Centrals

Come what may you'll find us striving
Teamwork is the thing that talks
One for all and all for one
Is the way we play at Centrals

We are the mighty fighting 'Dogs!




The Central District Football Club, part of the South Australian National Football League, is South Australia's largest community football club. The Bulldogs proudly represent Adelaide's northern community including Salisbury, Elizabeth, Gawler and the Barossa Valley - 250,000+ residents. Central's home base at Playford Alive Oval is a stones throw from the industrial heartland surrounding Holdens (Central's major sponsor since 1989) and the Edinburgh Defence precinct. 'Ceeeentrals' (since the early 1970's) provide an atmosphere unrivalled elsewhere.

League ladder

  1. Norwood
  2. Port Adelaide
  3. South Adelaide
  4. Sturt
  5. Eagles
  6. North Adelaide
  7. Central District
  8. Adelaide
  9. West Adelaide
  10. Glenelg
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On the eve of the 2011 Grand Final some scribes described it as boring that we reached our 12th consecutive SANFL Grand Final. I can tell you one thing we’re not at Centrals – and that’s boring! We have worked bloody hard to get to where we are as a Club, and to be successful as we have been in the past decade. When we reached the top we’ve had to work even harder to stay there. All of our success has all come off the back of sheer hard work by many people involved at the Club.

I have no doubt that we have the most passionate and vocal supporter base in the League. I can assure you this support lifts the players when they are out there. It is great to hear our supporters in the big games. I’d love to hear this level of support in all games in 2013 as the next generation steps up and we leave no stone unturned in our quest to be #1 again!

- Roy Laird, CDFC Coach


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