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Tee / Polo Shirts

Kids Tee 25
Kids Tee (5-13 year olds) - $8.00

Sizing is in XS (equivalent 6), S (kids 8), M (kids 10), and...

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Polo 55
CDFC Navy Polo - $55.00

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Centrals Basketball Style Singlet - $50.00

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College Tee 30
College Tee Round Neck - $8.00

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V Neck Tee 30
College Tee V Neck - $8.00

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Striped Ladies Long Sleeve top shown under Vest 35 A
Ladies Long Sleeved Striped Tee - $35.00

Check out this Ladies long sleeved striped tee. A perfect ac...

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ROUND 1 - Centrals v Eagles - Saturday 8th April

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We're a winning team at Centrals
We're the mighty fighting 'dogs
We love our Club and we play to win
Riding the bumps with a grin at Centrals

Come what may you'll find us striving
Teamwork is the thing that talks
One for all and all for one
Is the way we play at Centrals

We are the mighty fighting 'Dogs!



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  2. Eagles
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