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2017 CDFC Player Calcutta Weekly Results

Season 2017 weekly player calcutta results - 

1 Saturday 8 April v Eagles Nick Holman Josh Coleman
2 Friday 14 April v North Adelaide Nick Holman Josh Waldhuter
3 Saturday 22 April v Adelaide Travis Schiller BYE
4 Saturday 29 April v Glenelg Matthew Prior Ryan Llewellyn
5 Saturday 6 May v Norwood Kyle Jenner Ryan Llewellyn
6 Saturday 20 May v South Adelaide David Haydon Sam Hanna
7       Saturday 27 May       v Port Adelaide       Luke Barmby       Sam Hanna    
8       Saturday 3 June       v West Adelaide       Travis Schiller       Ben Walter    
9       Saturday 10 June       v Sturt       Nick Holman       Marcus Barreau    
10       Saturday 24 June       v Adelaide       Ryan Llewellyn        BYE    
11       Saturday 1 July       v Glenelg       Nick Holman       Josh Richardson    
12       Saturday 8 July       v South Adelaide       Marcus Barreau       Josh Glenn    
13       Saturday 15 July       v Port Adelaide       Trent Goodrem       Josh Richardson    
14       Saturday 22 July       v Sturt       Josh Glenn       Matthew Prior    
15       Saturday 5 August       v North Adelaide       Chris Jansen       Ben Antonie    
16       Saturday 12 August       v Norwood       Darcy Fort       Cooper Dahms    
17       Saturday 19 August       v West Adelaide       Justin Hoskin       Cooper Dahms    
18       Saturday 26 August       v Eagles       Murray Stephenson       Matthew Claughton    
Elim Final       Saturday 2 September       v Norwood       Trent Goodrem       Matthew Prior    
Semi Final       Sunday 10 September       v Sturt       Josh Glenn            

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  1. Eagles
  2. Port Adelaide
  3. Sturt
  4. Norwood
  5. Glenelg
  6. Central District
  7. South Adelaide
  8. Adelaide
  9. North Adelaide
  10. West Adelaide
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