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2014 Under 17 Youth Championship

Each year there is a under 17 youth championship that is held between all SANFL clubs. Here are the results for days 1 and 2 of the championship.




City Mazda Stadium

West Adelaide – 5.7.37

Central District – 9.2.56

BEST: West Adelaide – M Hayball, A Albanese, S Butterworth, K Karpany, A Jackson

Central District – L Childs, D Trotta, B Hoepner, J Boyle, M MCAllister, K Muir

GOALS: West Adelaide – M Hayball 1, K Karpany 1, J Daly 1, J Sarti 1, L Weston 1

Central District – K Muir 3, J Dudley 2, L Childs 1, H Jaunay 1, J Matthews 1


Coopers Stadium

Norwood 3.3.21

North Adelaide- 9.10.64

BEST: Norwood – R Atkinson, J Jones, B Jones, J Richards, M Haynes, C Fleming, L Mazzaferro

North Adelaide – N Rynne, J Ganley, T Christopherson, S Kirschner, D Barrett, B Pretty, L Casey

GOALS: Norwood – J Richards 1, J Jones 1, J Bower 1

North Adelaide– D Shute 3, M Steward 1, C Harrison 1, J Ganley 1, N Rynne 1, J Wohling 1, S Hutchins 1




Playford Alive Oval

Central District 13.11.89

Norwood 5.6.36

BEST: Central District – B Hoepner, K Brown, B Antonie, R Eberhard, A Sowerby, William Bryum, D Vitnell

Norwood – J Bower, A Lual, J Jones, R Atkinson, K Norton, C Fleming, M Watters

GOALS: Central District – R Eberhard 3, B Walkley 3, B Hoepner 2, L Grieg 1, D Vitnell 1, B Antonie 1, B

Washington 1, W Byrum 1

Norwood – R Norton 1, J Jones 1, C Hickman 1, L Mazzaferro 1, T Breden 1


Hickinbotham Oval

South Adelaide 4.8.32

West Adelaide 9.9.63

BEST: South Adelaide – L Matthews, C Turner, L Garlick, S Gurney, J Fitzgerald

West Adelaide – D Eleftheriadis, A Jackson, M Noble, L Hayes. J Murphy, K Karpany

GOALS: South Adelaide – L Garlick 1, L Winston 1, L Borillo 1, B Sowter 1

West Adelaide – M Walker 2, D Eleftheriadis 2, T Howard 1, J Barrett 1, J Noble 1, H Lyons 1, J Murphy 1



Woodville Oval

Woodville West Torrens 16.6.102
Glenelg 8.4.52

BEST: Woodville West Torrens – B Wilson, L Jaeschke, B Heffernen, S Weger, L Slack, R Atkins, J Cichowski
Glenelg – S Merrett, J Yates, J Jenner, L King, M McInerney, B Ousey

GOALS: Woodville West Torrens – B Wilson 4, S Weger 2, B Heffernen 2, L Slack 2, T Thunig 1, A Glazbrook 1, T Slade 1, B Cox 1, J Webber 1
Glenelg – J Yates 2, A Andrae 1, Z King 1, T Burns 1, M McInerney 1

Alberton Oval

Port Adelaide 18.13.121
Sturt 6.5.41

BEST: Port Adelaide – S Clements, T Maughan, E Thompson, T Sinclair, J Waugh, R Maitland, M McNamara
Sturt – J Applebee, H Aughey, M Lienert, S Barrat, B Powell

GOALS: Port Adelaide – T Maughan 9, R Maitland 2, M McNamara 2, S Clements 1, A Villis 1, T Simpson 1, B Northcott 1, J Waugh
Sturt – M Telford 1, B Powell 1, C Milde 1, S Barratt 1, A Keast 1, M Lienert 1

Prospect Oval

North Adelaide 7.11.53
South Adelaide 5.3.33

BEST: North Adelaide – N Rynne, D Barnett, J Wohling, B Kirk, M Smith, S Kirschner, T Christopherson
South Adelaide – T Boreham, J Weller, C Bache, S Gurney, B Sowter

GOALS: North Adelaide – M Smith 2, N Rynne 2, K Harrison 1, B Kirk 1, B Pretty 1
South Adelaide – B Loots 3, L Borillo 1, T Boreham 1

City Mazda Stadium

West Adelaide 11.12.78
Norwood 2.5.17

BEST: West Adelaide – A Jackson, A Albanese, S Butterworth, J Barrett, J Sarti, R O’Driscoll, L Hayes
Norwood – J Richards, D Pippett, B Warren, T Breden, B Jones, J Roe, M Walters

GOALS: West Adelaide – R O’Driscoll 3, A Jackson 2, J Carrocci 2, T Howard 1, J Barrett 1, S Butterworth 1, K Coats 1
Norwood – M Walters 1, H Fahlbusch-Moore 1



Hickinbotham Oval

South Adelaide 13.12.90
Norwood 2.5.17

BEST: South Adelaide – J Fitzgerald, S Gurney, L Mathews, B Tuohy, J Block, T Place
Norwood – J Bower, T Breden, R Atkinson, B Jones, C Fleming, B Warren, M Morris

GOALS: South Adelaide – J Fitzgerald 2, T Boreham 2, B Loots 2, J Block 2, J Walsh 1, L Mathews 1, L Garlick 1, J Williams 1, L Borillo 1
Norwood – T Wagner 1, K Thorogood 1

Smithfield Oval

Central District 4.6.30
North Adelaide 13.10.88

BEST: Central District – L Childs, J Wegener, D Trotta, J McConnell, P Searle, W Byrum
North Adelaide – J Wohling, S Kuerschner, N Rynne, T Christopherson, T Crawford, S Hutchins, B Kirk

GOALS: Central District – K Muir 2, L Childs 1, P Searle 1
North Adelaide - J Wohling 4, M Steward 4, N Rynne 2, B Pretty 1, S Kuershcner 1, T Kitschke 1

Gliderol Stadium

Glenelg 5.10.40
Port Adelaide 9.2.56

BEST: Glenelg – S Merrett, B Ousey, S Randhawa, S Sochaki, H Nitschke, B Kennedy
Port Adelaide – S Clements, E Thompson, C Woolford, T Simpson, K Wildman, K Crompton, R Maitland

GOALS: Glenelg – J Buckney 1, T Burns 1, M McInerney 1, B Ousey 1, S Sochaki 1
Port Adelaide – T Maughan 3, J Waugh 2, S Clements 1, G Hutchison 1, J Wilkins 1, R Maitland 1

Unley Oval

Sturt 0.3.3
Woodville West Torrens 5.7.37

BEST: Sturt – T Charalabidis, T Leggett, T Gollan, M Lienert, J Rutai
Woodville West Torrens – J Hoyle, Z Beecken, L Slack, F Marafioti, S Schoder, W Drummond, T Slade

GOALS: Sturt –
Woodville West Torrens – J Hoyle 1, R Atkins 1, Z Beecken 1, B Cox 1, E Miller 1 

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