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CDFC Underage Best & Fairest Awards



The Underage held their Best & Fairest count on Monday the 25th of September, in the Holden Room at Grand Central.
First Awards on the night were the Under 16’s.


The Underage held their Best & Fairest count on Monday the 25th of September, in the Holden Room at Grand Central.


Under 16 Awards - 

Under16 Most Consistent       Donated by the Zorich Group        Won by Jordan O’Brien

Under 16 Encouragement Award

– The John Mortimer Memorial Trophy

      Donated by the Club Members        Won by Corey Durdin
Under16 Coaches Award       Donated by the CDFC Past Players and Officials        Won by Tyson Richard
Under16 Best & Fairest       Donated by the Zorich Group       Won by Oliver Shaw


Under 18 Awards - 


Most Dedicated Under Age Player

- The Lindsay Renney Memorial Trophy

      Donated by the Renney Family        Won by Aaaron Nietschke 

Most Courageous Under Age Player

- The Bert Holbrook Memorial Trophy

      Donated by the Stephen & Maxine Holbrook        Won by Mitchell Payne
Under 18’s Coaches Award       Donated by the CDFC Past Players and Officials       Won by Jarrod Cotgrove
Under 18’s Fourth  Best & Fairest       Donated by CEO Kris Grant       Won by Harrison Elbrow - 34 votes
Under 18’s Third  Best & Fairest       Donated by Zorich Group       Won by Llwellyn Milera - 38 Votes 
Under 18’s Runner Up Best & Fairest       Donated by Steel Line Garage Doors       Won by Cooper Dahms - 40 votes

Under 18’s Best & Fairest

- The Brian Robinson Memorial Trophy

      Donated by Roger Girdham Electrical       won by Ryan Falkenberg - 48 Votes 
        Donated by Club Life Member Don Miller, Best & Fairest Medallion Donated  by Edie Moore        


The evening then finished with the Naming of the Most Outstanding Underage player for 2017, who is the winner of the Jack Stoddard Medal -


Most Outstanding Under Age Player - 

The Jack Stoddard Memorial Trophy & Medallion

      Donated by Past Players & Officials        Won by Cooper Dahms
The Club would like to acknowledge all Trophy donors and thank them for their contribution, and our wonderful support staff for their tireless efforts throughout 2017.
The Coaches also desrve a special mention for their time, effort and passion. 
And l say, but by no means least, the parents for the work they do in supporting their kids to be the best players they can possibly be.
Under 16 Best & Fairest - Oliver Shaw  
Under 16 Award Winners - Chris Gerhardy (Coach), Tyson Richard, Oliver Shaw, Jordan O’Brien  
Under 18 Best & Fairest - Ryan Falkenberg  
Under 18 Award Winners - Cooper Dahms, Llwellyn Milera, Ryan Falkenberg, Harrison Elbrow  
Most Outstanding - Cooper Dahms  

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