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Centrals Members get up to $2000 Cash Back from Holden

Did you know Central's Members can get up to $2000 Cash Back when buying a New Holden Vehicle!


GM Holden is the Major Partner of Central District Football Club and pleased to announce a Factory Cashback of up to $2000 to all Central District Football Club Members.

To claim the $$$ Cashback if buying a new Holden Vehicle, all you need to do is complete the purchase as per normal with your local Holden Dealer. At the end of the process mention that you are a Centrals Member and inform them that you are entitled to the $$$ cash back from Holden Head Office.

AT THE TIME OF DELIVERING THE VEHICLE, the Holden Dealer and Member (you) are to complete the cash back claim form. The Dealer or customer then returns the completed form to GM Holden for member verification:
• via fax on (03) 9647 2500; or
• via mail to GM Holden Ltd, Pricing Department VSSM Finance, GPO Box 1714, Melbourne, VIC 3001

• Holden will verify the customer is a Central District Football Club member with the Football Club before paying any claim.

You will receive the $$$ inc GST cash back from Holden directly (Holden Ltd, not the local Dealer). 

• The cashback terms and conditions are printed on the back of the cash-back claim form.

• To avoid delays in Holden sending the cashback amount to the purchaser, it is essential all information is completed accurately, and returned immediately to Holden. 

The $$$ inc GST cash back is not to be claimed by the dealer or to be included in the customer contract.

The cashback payment is only claimable once the vehicle has been sold and delivered to the customer.


1. Vehicles sold under this program must be registered as a retail sale (eligible customer classes 1 and 10).  Any Holden purchased under other customer classes is not eligible for the $550 inc GST cashback. 2. Holden Employee’s and Holden Dealer Employee’s and/or their immediate family purchases are ineligible.
3. This voucher is valid only with proof of sale of a new vehicle in the Holden Range (including HSV range) which is ordered through an authorised Holden Dealer.
4. This offer is not negotiable and can only be redeemed in the form of a Factory Cash back cheque. Its sole purpose, after negotiating the best price with the Holden Dealer, is to provide a rebate to the customer in the form of a $550 inc GST Factory Cash Back. The Cash back claim remains valid during the stated program period and must be endorsed by an authorised Holden Dealer. The dealer or the purchaser can forward the completed claim form to GM Holden at the address provided above and the $550 inc GST Cashback cheque will be made to the name of the purchaser listed on the vehicle registration.
5. The Central District Football Club Cashback cannot be used in conjunction with other Holden approved cashback offers (e.g. Partner Program, Golf Scramble, Collingwood Football Club, HRT, Netball Australia, Holden in the Driveway etc).
6. Only one claim may be applied to the purchase of one eligible new Holden vehicle per calendar year.  Cumulative claims are invalid on any new single Holden Purchase
7. Participation is open to all Central District Football Club members. If the Member is under the legal age to hold a drivers licence, the Member’s Parent or Legal Guardian is eligible to participate in this Cash back offer. Proof of parental or guardianship relationship must be provided and retained on file.
8. A member may also register the vehicle in a registered company name, where the Central District Football Club member is a director or partner of that business and proof has been provided.
9. Purchases of demonstrator vehicles are not eligible to claim the up to $2000 inc GST cashback.

Specific Vehicle Inclusions / Exclusions:

The following table summarises the vehicle transactions that are included and excluded from obtaining this allowance during the period of this campaign.

Vehicle / Condition 
Vehicle / Condition
HSV Vehicles  

Value added models, such as (but not limited to) International Pack vehicles 
Demonstrator Vehicles  
Holden in the Driveway  
Cashback Programs (eg. HRT, Collingwood Football Club, South Sydney Rabbitohs)  
Partner Program  
Purchases in the name of Dealerships  
Dealer Based Rental Program  
Customer Service Loan Program  
Holden / Dealer Employee Pricing  
GM Card / Altitude  
The following table summarises the eligible customers for this campaign:  
Customer Class SOM Description   
Eligible Ineligible
Private Retail Customers  

Other (ABN Holders) 

Government bodies
Semi-Government bodies
Sales at Government Pricing  
Rental and Leasing organisations (Including rental vehicles leased by Holden through Retailers to Rental companies)  
Rebate Fleet - Qualified National Fleet Customer (as per Holden Fleet Plan)  
General Fleet - Qualified General Fleet Customer (as per Holden Fleet Plan)  
Retail Financing -Retail  
Retail Financing –ABN Holders  
GM Holden Employees   

*If you are a potential fleet customer please call the Club on 8255 2555 as you may qualify to be put in contact with Holden's Fleet Salesperson.



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