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Come & Try AFL 9's


Never played AFL...?  Why not come and try AFL 9's...
AFL 9s is a social, touch only version of AFL football. It is played outdoors on a rectangular field and requires the usual AFL skills, minus the tackling. You can kick goals, lay off a quick handball and take a diving mark.
CDFC and the Playford Council have set up an AFL9’s competition at Blakes Crossing, commencing on the 19th of October. Our competition is a “Family” competition, meaning teams will be made up of adults & children together.
To be eligible for the family competition, family teams must consist of at least 4 children aged between 8 - 14 years and 5 teenagers or adults. 4 children must be playing on the field at all times
Starting on the 19th of October and running through until the 14th of December. First games will commence at 6:00pm.  Last games will be finished by 7:30pm (2 time slots between 6:00pm - 7:30pm). 
Why not join us for a “Come and Try” session on the 12th of October, with a free sausage sizzle. 
To registert your team, go to AFL 9's
Never played Aussie Rules Football...?  Why not come and try AFL 9's...


AFL 9’s is the fun, social, non-contact, 9-a-side version of the game we all love. It’s built for local legends!

Mixed Competition starting October 19th – Male and Female players together!

Family Competition – FREE Come & Try event on October 19th with competition starting the following week.  Mums, Dads & kids can all play together!

All-Star teams available for individuals or smaller groups.


To register your team, go to AFL 9's

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