Harbs' Rant - July 2014

G’Day Doggies Fans,

It has been another topsy turvey 4 months since my last article of Harbs’ Rant. The first section of the season would be seen as nothing short of frustration from players, coaches and supporters.

Having a 2 Win 7 Loss record at the half way mark of the season was not where we pictured to be sitting. After dropping winnable games against South Adelaide and Glenelg in the first part of the year making finals was going to be an uphill battle but to the club’s credit we are now in striking distance of the ‘5’ and gelling together much better as a team. Having such a drastic change in playing personnel was always going to take time to gel – the seniors are starting to play a very exciting, tough brand of footy and the morale around the place is great! If we can manage to win 3 of the last 4 games we will give ourselves a great chance to play finals. If we don’t then to be brutally honest we don’t deserve to.

A mention must be made to our Under 18’s squad coached by past player Matthew Kreig. The U18’s have won 5 games in a row and the younger players coming up to train with the seniors like Brendon Dew and Wayne Milera really deserve their opportunity for great form. Dylan ‘Wizard’ Weaver is the captain of the U18’s and all the extra work he has done with Paul Thomas in pre-season over the last few years is really paying dividends in regards to his fitness, football and leadership (he is also a bit of a comedian like Thommo).

A number of players are really taking the next step with their strong form and leadership going to a new level. Ryan ‘Willo’ Williams, Jarrod ‘Fish’ Schiller’ and Luke ‘Milky’ Barmby all having career best seasons. Travis ‘I’m better than Jarrod’ Schiller is an unbelievable talent and for a first year player is having a great year. A special mention must go to Timmy McIntyre, Paul Thomas and ‘Fish’ for being selected in the State Team that beat the Vics. Thommo has played a remarkable 7 State games and hasn’t played in a losing side!

Another one that deserves mention is Josh Glenn. ‘Glenny’ is remarkable. Being injured and watching a lot of footy from the sidelines you really get a guage for seeing the game differently and appreciating what individual players produce. His elite fitness and game sense allows the game to basically slow down. The amount of times I have seen him run an extra 50-100m to get on the end of a passage that he started and finish into the forward line is phenomenal. Hopefully down the track in 15 years’ time I will be proudly telling my children I played with Josh Glenn while he was at CDFC. He deserves a chance on an AFL list and if he gets one will definitely make the most of it.

As always with the Rant a few of the players don’t get away with much! As always the list seems to start with the ‘Day of Our Lives’ type relationship that our vice skippers have:

• Kyle Jenner and Trent Goodrem have been rather tame with each other the past four months. No arguments or dust ups to report of.
• Trent Goodrem is FINALLY, key word being finally engaged to his lovely partner Carly. Apparently Trent popped the question by walking into the loungeroom in his doggies speedo’s, throwing Carly a ring and saying ‘As if you wouldn’t want to marry this babes!’ 
• Paul Thomas’ son Austin is becoming a regular at training and game days in the changerooms. He loves coming down to the ‘wootball’ club and seeing the boys. He also enjoys getting lollies off the officials upstairs! One morning not long ago whilst Thommo (school teacher) was on holidays Aussie walked out of his room after a big sleep and Paul asked him ‘how did you sleep mate?’ Aussie slowly looked up at Thommo and said only two words… ‘Wootball Club?’ just shows that it is like father like son!
• Matthew ‘Groggy’ Prior is now engaged to his lovely partner Chelsea. They have recently finished building there dream home in the Barossa. Groggy was very romantic in his proposal compared to Trent!
• Scott and Emma Dutschke are expecting another little baby sometime in the near future.
• Jackson ‘Pottsy’ Potter and Jacob Gillbee are the new ‘married’ couple at the footy club. They are at each other’s throats all the time whether it be telling jokes, on the track or after games.

Here are another two ‘get to know your dogs’ profiles:

# 19 Brae ‘Brazer’ McConnell – Brazer is fast becoming a very good defender and will be striving to play League footy in 2015. His brother Jye has just recently been a member of the SA Under 16 State Team that won the National Championships. Brae is a cracker when it comes to punting. He absolutely loves the horses, greyhounds and trotters. Still being at Uni he is very careful with his cash and bets a maximum of $1 Each Way on most races when he has a punt!

Ryan ‘Pins’ Head – Heady is an absolute classic. He is an underage player that has endured 2 knee reco’s before 20 years of age. He is a very positive youngster and a very funny man in the gym. His brother Travis is currently playing Shield cricket for the Redbacks. ‘Pins’ constantly tells stories of his manic gym addiction in where his upper body is 300 times bigger than his legs, hence the nickname ‘Pins’! He currently has to report to our weights coach Terry Whitelaw and detail all his leg workouts because if you see the kid with shorts on you would think he is a 10 year old!

Best and Fairest Competition

For anyone coming down to the Best and Fairest later on in the year the players will be running a raffle throughout the night on B & F voting which will go towards the end of season trip. Basically at the Ganmain Grong-Grong Matong Football Netball Club (my old club. Best country football club going around!) There was a raffle for $2 a guess/ticket (you can buy many as you want) to win $50. All you need to do is correctly write down on a piece of paper the Top 5 in the B & F in the League Team and put how many votes you think the winner will receive (e.g):

1. Jackson Potter 303
2. Ryan Williams
3. Paul Thomas
4. Jarrod Schiller
5. Murray Stephenson

As I said the winner will receive $50!

Well that’s all we have time for again for this instalment. To all supporters, sponsors, officials and volunteers a big thank you again for your support in 2014 which hopefully for us is really just starting to heat up!

Harbs #25 

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