Hill on the up

By Ella Watson

Dallas Hill was recruited by the Central District Football Club back in 2009 at the age of 17.

Hill was recruited by Centrals from the Hummocks Watchman Eagles in Port Wakefield to play in Centrals under 18 squad.

Centrals saw great potential in Hill and were impressed with his record in front of goals, Hill remains a consistent goal scorer for the club.

In the season leading up to his recruitment Hill played a standout game for the Hummocks Watchman Eagles in senior Colts where he kicked an impressive 12 goals, and then followed up his efforts in the B grade by kicking a further 7 goals.

“A bloke who played A grade knew Ben Hook who worked at the Advertiser at the time they must have been chatting because during the week he put a little column in the paper, then Kris rang me asking me to come out and train at Centrals and that was it really.”

“I’ve been here ever since.”

Hill graduated to the league squad in 2013 playing his first game against West Adelaide at City Mazda Stadium.

Unfortunately, the game didn’t go Centrals way, losing to West by 15 points, but despite Hill’s disappointment with the game and in himself he did manage to contribute to the game and score his first goal in SANFL IGA League Football.

“There was me and 7 others who debuted in the game, after the game I was pretty disappointed because I didn’t have much of an influence.”

Hill has fit in to the club well and according to team Captain Trent Goodrem is known by players and officials at the club as ‘Swagger,’ a nickname given to Hill a couple of years ago.

“It has been for a couple of years, but I can’t remember why, I think a lad who used to be here Brock Castree started it.”

Very happy with his decision to stay at Centrals, Hill believes the atmosphere at the club is very welcoming and he is impressed with the club’s efforts to make new and young players feel welcome.

“I did a little bit of training at the Eagles, when I was at the Eagles I was one of the under aged guys and the seniors they didn’t really interact with us, whereas here we all get along and go to functions together so it’s a totally different environment.”

He is especially grateful for his team mates and says he couldn’t ask for a better team to play in.

“Good bunch of blokes they are all my mates and I get along will them really well.”

Now in his 3rd year playing seniors at Centrals Hill is still facing up in the forward line and this season is one of the teams most consistent goal scorers.

“I think what I’m doing better than I did in the past is to just keep on the move, I think my big preseason has contributed to that.”

“I like to think I’m a strong target up forward that the boys can look for, I probably don’t take enough pack marks, but on the lead I’m good.”

Hill attributes a lot of his success to the supportiveness of his Dad, who Hill credits as being the biggest influence on his Footy career.

“I’ve played footy since I was 4 and since then I think he has only missed 2 or 3 games, he comes to every game and gives me his advice whether it’s right or wrong, he’s always there.” 

Centrals are currently sitting 4th on the ladder, 3 spots and 3 wins higher than the same time last year which would suggest they have had a fairly steady season so far.

Recent wins over Adelaide and West Adelaide were a great show of the team’s ability to maintain pressure and work well together. 

“Against the Crows, even though we led the whole game, there were points where they got within 5 points and kicked 2 or 3 goals in a row, but we just kept our pressure up, kept running, kept tackling and ended up getting away in the end.”

Hill kicked a telling goal in the 4th term where he shrugged off 2 opponents and snapped truly. 

Against Westies last Saturday the Bulldogs also absorbed a lot of pressure in the first half before coming out and slamming on 9 goals in a blistering 3rd term display.

This weekend the Dogs take on the Eagles in a Sunday Long Weekend Fixture at Woodville. 

Hill, snaps on his left on Good Friday against North Adelaide
Looking Forward against the Roosters.
Signature, Hill boots deep inside 50 
Action shots above by Michael Young Photography
Playing Reserves 3 seasons ago at Alberton   #anotherargentimage



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