Introducing the CDFC Split 50-50 Raffle



In Season 2018, the Club is pleased to introduce our brand new match day raffle - the SPLIT 50-50 RAFFLE.


So what is the Split 50-50 Raffle ... ? 

Split 50-50 is an exciting and revolutionary raffle platform that is changing the traditional way of raffle ticket selling, for the purpose of team fundraising and community development.


What can you win ... ?

The total prize pool raised throughout the selling process is split 50-50 ... with 50% going to the winning ticket holder and the other 50% coming back to the Club.

The more tickets sold, the bigger the prize pool.  The bigger the prize pool, the bigger the 50% redemption for the winning ticket holder AND the Club.

Buyers are able to keep track of the growing prize pool for each raffle / match via their mobile device.


There are two ways to purchase tickets - 

Roving Sellers at CDFC Home Matches -

*  Sellers will roam My Money House Oval at all CDFC League Home Matches in Season 2018.  

*  All sellers will have mobile devices to process purchases on behalf of the buyers.

*  You provide the seller with the money for the number of tickets you wish to purchase, as well as your mobile number.  This will allow you to receive confirmation of your purchase and also your "ticket" details.

*  Buyers are sent a text message at the time of purchase, which essentially is the "ticket".  It's a much easier way to keep track of "tickets", rather than holding onto paper tickets stubs.


Online -

*  If you can't make it to a game, you don't have to miss out on your chance to win!  

*  Tickets can be purchased online, in the week leading up to a home match.  Simply go to - register your details, select the next upcoming CDFC match day in the raffles menu, and start purchasing.

*  If you can't locate a seller on match day, you can also go to the online link and purchase tickets yourself.


How much do tickets cost ... ?

An unlimited number of tickets are available at the following prices - 

  • 1 ticket for $2
  • 3 tickets for $5
  • 10 tickets for $10
  • 40 tickets for $20
  • 125 tickets for $50
  • 300 tickets for $100


When is the raffle drawn ... ?

The Split 50-50 raffles will close at 3/4 time of the League matches.

The winner will be notified by an automatic SMS, followed by a phone call.


Further FAQ's on the Split 50-50 Raffle can be found at


Winners and prize pools will be posted on the CDFC website after each home match. 




1.     Ryan Rafferty from Elizabeth Grove     $1207.00     $603.50
3.     Angus & Dean Freeman from Seaton     $1563.00     $781.50
4.     Brenda Donnon from Paralowie     $1367.00     $683.50
7.     Gary Mignon from Plympton     $1570.00     $785.00
10.     Elijah Ware     $1802.00     $901.00
12.     John Olsen     $1199.00     $599.50
13.     Michelle Kelly     $983.00     $491.50
15.     Roy Griffiths & Marty Searle     $889.00     $444.50
17.     Michael Frost & Graeme Skewes     $919.00     $459.50
19.     Stewart McFetridge     $1634.00     $817.00


Round 1 winner - Ryan Rafferty  
Round 3 winner - Angus Freeman  
Round 4 winner - Brenda Donnon  

Round 7 winner - Gary Mignon  
Round 10 winner - Elijah Ware  
Round 13 winner - Michelle Kelly  
Round 15 winners - Marty Searle & Roy Griffiths  
Round 17 - Graeme Skewes & Michael Frost  
Round 19 - Stewart McFetridge  

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