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Jordan Furnell says strong tackling and defensive pressure are what’s needed to take on Port this weekend.

By Ella Watson 

Jordan Furnell started at the Central District Football Club in the Under 15’s development squad after being nominated by his coach at the Nuriootpa Football Club.

Furnell worked his way up through the Robert Zerella Academy and the Under 18’s squad to eventually play his first league game in 2014.

“In under 15’s we joined the development squad, just us Nuri (Nuriootpa) boys we started in the under 15’s Robert Zerella Academy.”

“It’s a head start in development and the coaches here get to see how you progress, we were taught the proper ways of defending the same way they were taught in the seniors.”

Since 2014 Furnell has played a total of 7 league games for the Central District Football Club.

Furnell has played in all 3 rounds so far this season kicking at least 1 goal in 2 of the 3 rounds.

He was named in the best players  for round 1.

In round 3 Furnell was nominated for the Powerade Star Search Award for his efforts against Sturt at Peter Motley Oval.

The Star Search Award recognises the SANFL’s most exceptional emerging talent, with one player nominated each round throughout the home-and-away season.

To qualify for the award, the nominee must have played no more than eight SANFL League games at the start of the 2016 season.

If successful at seasons end, Furnell wolud be the 6th Centrals player to receive the award since 2011, Following in the footsteps of Jarrod Schiller, Paul Marschall, Josh Glenn, Travis Schiller and Chris Jansen.

“I haven’t really thought about it that much, if it happens it happens, I’m not really worried about it.”

“I didn’t think it was one of my better games, obviously as a team it wasn’t one of our better games either, but it was good to get a couple goals I didn’t realise I got that many tackles during the game either.”

Furnell can attribute his impressive start to the season to his rigorous pre-season routine which made him one of the fittest players heading into the season.

“In the off season I got up in the mornings and did a lot of hard running sessions before work with my brother and did lots of swimming to get off the legs, but still get some fitness.”

“It’s helped me injury wise as well, last season I had hamstring issues, but other than that I’ve been pretty lucky so far.” 

Despite his nomination Furnell is still disappointed with the team’s efforts against Sturt in round 3 and against South last weekend. 

“We’re just not playing up to the level we should be, we definitely could have won that game against Sturt, it’s not the start we were looking for.”

Last weekend’s game against South saw Centrals concede another disappointing loss, this time loosing at home by 31 points.

At the end of the second term Centrals had built up some ground and were only trailing by 3 points, they then went on to kick the first 3 goals of the 3rd term before falling away to let South take control in the 4th.

“There were times they broke through us with their hands and they ran around the back of us a lot, probably had a bit to do with our positioning, we didn’t work hard enough to get back so they got a few easy goals.”

This weekend Centrals are set to take on the Port Adelaide Magpies at Alberton Oval.

Known for their fitness and ability to run Furnell is expecting a high energy game from Port.

“Obviously they like to run, they are one of the fittest sides in the SANFL so we need to try to nullify that as much as we can.”

“I expect them to be at a high skill level so we need to match that as well.”

After last weekend Centrals have moved down 4 spots and are now sitting at 7th on the ladder.

Centrals are known in the SANFL for their ability to lay strong tackles, however to improve their position Furnell believes more effort needs to be put in to improving their defensive pressure.

Furnell also admits that with new recruits it may also take longer to gel as a team. 

“We need to keep working hard, work on our defence and our skills and we need to keep gelling as a team we have a few new guys.”

“Stoppage work is a big thing we are losing clearances at the moment if we work on that we will give our forwards better opportunities.” 

Centrals take on Port Adelaide this Sunday 24th April at 2.10pm at Alberton Oval.

Furnell shoots off a handball against Sturt on Sunday April 10



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