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By Ella Watson

Mark Rumbelow was recruited by the Central District Football Club from the Nuriootpa Tigers in the Barossa, Light and Gawler Football Association for the 2016 season.

Rumbelow had a standout season for the Nuriootpa Tigers helping the club to a 29-point win over Gawler Central in last season’s Grand Final at Kapunda.  

“It was really good, we didn’t lose a game all last year, the year before we dropped a few games we should have won so it was good to see the improvement, it was a lot of fun, obviously there is no better feeling than winning a premiership.”

At the end of last year Rumbelow took off to Europe for 3 months of travelling around most of Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, it wasn’t until he returned from traveling that he was recruited by the club.

“I went over to Europe on my own initially, but met up with a good mate who was working in the Rhine valley in Germany, then travelled around with him, it was amazing we saw the Northern Lights and went dog sleighing, it was really, really good.”

“I was in Europe for the last 3 months of last year so I missed a whole big chunk of preseason, but when I came back they were interested at having a look at me I came down gave it a go and all of a sudden I was playing league footy.”

Despite missing the first half of preseason Rumbelow has played every game for Centrals in the league side and is working hard to prove his worth.

Rumbelow had his first standout game for the club in round 5 against the Port Adelaide Magpies at Alberton Oval taking a ‘hanger’ just before the end of the first term

Rumbelow also finished the game with his first goal for the season.

Rumbelow has not only transitioned from the amateur league to SANFL, but has also changed positions on the field in the process.

At Nuriootpa Rumbelow played at half forward or on the forward flank, but has been changed to 2nd ruck for Centrals.

“I play second ruck and on the half forward line, it’s a bit different playing ruck I’ve never really played it before, I’ve had to relearn the game, it’s been a big learning curve, but so far so good.” 

Pleased with his decision to take a chance at joining the Central District Football Club, Rumbelow says he loves the great club atmosphere and the comradery with his new team mates.

“There's a great comradery amongst the boys at centrals. They're all really great blokes, but as far as a "favourite" goes, I've probably spent the most time with the "serial Facebook adder" Nick Gillard.”

After a bye in round 7 Centrals again suffered a disappointing loss this time to Glenelg at Gliderol Stadium, going down to the Tigers by 29 points.

“It was disappointing we needed to get a win down there, but we didn’t finish in front of goals we kicked too many points which hurt us especially when they kicked a lot of great goals.”

Centrals lacked ball pressure and gave Glenelg too much time with the ball allowing them to deliver it to their forwards.

Known for being hard at the body, putting sides under pressure and their hard running style they lacked some of their usual ferocity at the Bay.

In another loss this season the Bulldogs also lost their characteristic style.

“Against Sturt we struggled too, we very much have a running game, big ovals do tend to suit us better because we run very hard.

The Bulldogs pressure however, went up a lot last weekend when they defeated the Adelaide Crows SANFL Team by 23 Points, a side which was nicely poised sitting 2nd on the SANFL Ladder.

"Obviously they are a very talented group with 16 AFL listed players in their team, we needed to get that pressure on the ball to get turn overs, but mainly just get that pressure and belief that we can match it with the top end sides, which we know we can.”

Centrals are currently 5th on the SANFL Ladder with 4 wins and 3 losses.

“We need a bit of belief, I know the last few years Centrals haven’t quite been as good as previously, but I think the side now is really good, we have some good young players coming through they just need believe in themselves.”

Rumbelow also believes the supporters are integral to the team’s success and their support helps boost the teams fighting spirit.

“The supporters are very passionate and we get good crowds week in week out. It can definitely help to boost the team having that crowd presence.”

Rumbelow’s greatest supporters are his family who are thrilled with what he has achieved and are proud to support him and the club. 

“My family supports Centrals now, but it wasn't always that way. My dad supported Norwood after having played junior football there, and so the rest of my family kind of followed suit.”

“When I told them I was playing out at Centrals they were absolutely thrilled, and more often than not Mum or the 2 Sisters are in the stands watching.” 

"Hang Time for Rumbelow" .... Mark takes a big time hanger in Round 3 v Sturt
... And kicks at goal.
Pictures by Michael Young Photography

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