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SA Under 18 Academy 2015 Trial Game Wrap

Peter Argent was at the annual SA Under 18's Academy match. Here is a report on the match and the Central District Players that featured:

SANFL U18 Academy Red          8.7.55
SANFL U18 Academy Blue        18.14.122

SANFL U/18 Academy Red:  J. Dawson (SFC) M. Olekalns (NAFC), L. Smith (WWTFC), S. Walker (GFC) J. Evans (GFC)
SANFL U/18 Academy Blue: W. Snelling (WAFC), K. Presbury (CDFC), R. Bonner (WAFC), A. Francis (WAFC), C. Hewett (NAFC), C. Wildman (SFC)

SANFL U/18 Academy Red Goal Kickers:  
J Dawson (SFC)   3
J Brind (WAFC)   2
D Pisani (NFC)   1
H van Adrigeham  (SFC) 1
A Georgeson (WWTFC)  1

SANFL U/18 Academy Blue Goal Kickers:  
W Snelling (WAFC)  3
S Slimming (SFC)  2
C Hewett (NAFC)  2
I Mckenzie (CDFC) 2
J Scharenberg (GFC)  1
L Hoare (WWTFC) 1
C Wildman (SFC)  1
S Gurney (SAFC)  1
R Bonner (WAFC) 1
S Tahana (NAFC)  1
A Owen (NFC)  1
C Matters (CDFC)  1
A Mahney (PAFC)  1

Played at 8am to ensure the health of the players, the SA Blue team dominated the annual SA academy encounter against the SA Red, winning by a handsome 67-point margin.
This match, in many people eyes marks the start of the football year, with recruiting staff from all 18 AFL franchises watching with a keen eye for the stars of the future.

Presbury on a wing, winning many possessions and being among the top handful of players in the game, while McKenzie was creative as a marking lead up small forward. Matters got into the game more after half time and chimed in with a goal in the final term. Brendan Dew, who SA Coach Brenton Phillips sees as one of the squad with leadership qualities, is two weeks away from returning to match style training, after recovering from ostitus pubis. Mainly Josh Coleman was quiet. Wayne Milera, who's father also donned a red, white and blue jumper two decades ago was described as a silky smooth footballer.

 The CDFC Contingent of the Under 18 SANFL Academy. From Left Wayne Milera, Josh Coleman, Isaya McKenzie, Cameron Matters, Kyle Presbury and Brendan Dew.
 Coach Brenton "Sticks" Phillips with Assistant Coach & Team Runner, Centrals Legend Chris Gowans.
 Isaya McKenzie gathering the pill
Josh Coleman
Photos by Peter Argent  www.phatsnaps.photoshelter.com

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