Under 15 Intra State Championship

Each year our two under 15 sides made up from our local area (Metro and Country) playoff for a championship between other SANFL clubs. Here are the results for days 1 and 2



City Mazda Stadium

West Adelaide Metro 2.2.14

Central District Metro 9.6.60

BEST: West Adelaide Metro- M Walton, R Moore, R Tatarelli, L Eichner, C Clohesy

Central District Metro – J Hately, A Northcott, J Adey, N Duncan, H Elbrow, B Matters, F Noto

GOALS: West Adelaide Metro- B Smith 1, J Goss 1

Central District Metro – C Spurr 2, J Weetra 2, T Edwards 1, B Haylock 1, D Wills 1, J Pearson 1, F Noto 1


West Adelaide Country 12.12.84

Central District Country 3.2.20

BEST: West Adelaide Country- J Smithson, J Singh, A Stidiford, L Lellman, J Secker, D Hahn

Central District Country – R Humphries-Carnelly, R Thorne, B Matthews, J Billing, J Milledge

GOALS: West Adelaide Country- J Smithson 4, H Brown 2, D Harvey 1, R Hadfield 1, J Kleining 1, J McCarthy 1,

T Milne 1, A Stidiford 1

Central District Country – B Schiller 1, J Milledge 1, R Humphries-Carnelly 1


Coopers Stadium

Norwood Metro 2.4.16

North Adelaide Metro 11.12.78

BEST: Norwood Metro- P Fahey, S Gino, B Carroll, A Hatziyiorgis, L Durdin, K Cini

North Adelaide Metro – D Grant, N Jacka, J Hesse-Nicholas, M Slee, C Rosey, D Carter, X Cubillo, J Coventry, S


GOALS: Norwood Metro- L Durdin 1, P Fahey 1

North Adelaide Metro – A Nickaloff 2, D Grant 2, M Slee 1, D Charter 1, X Cubillo 1, B Oborn 1, G Cleary 1, J

Renney 1, C Rosey 1


Norwood Country 13.7.85

North Adelaide Country 3.6.24

BEST: Norwood Country - L Robinson, J Coles, F Pisani, H Haines, C Joseph

North Adelaide Country – N Kleinig, B Woodcock, R Falcone, A Oliphant, D Puddy

GOALS: Norwood Country – C Joseph 2, L Woodwards 2, B Partridge 2, J Coles 1, I Hewson 1, J Callahan 1, L

Potts 1, H Haines 1, B Ashby 1, F Pisani 1

North Adelaide Country – B Woodcock 1, J Beattie 1, F Szekely 1




Hickinbotham Oval

South Adelaide Metro 10.8.68

West Adelaide Metro 1.4.10

BEST: South Adelaide Metro- B Sowter, J Daniels, L McCarthy, Z Williams, H Bruce, C Coleman-Jones, A

Hunter, J Manuel, B Derossent

West Adelaide Metro- M Walton, P Fairlie, L Eichner, R Moore, C Dolman, J Kennedy

GOALS: South Adelaide Metro- E Tink 3, B Derossent 2, J Daniels 1, T Coleman 1, B Rowe-Satchell 1, B Sowter

1, I Burns 1

West Adelaide Metro- L Eichner 1


South Adelaide Country 3.4.23

West Adelaide Country 8.3.57

BEST: South Adelaide Country- M Cleggett, S Whitebread, J Tarca, B Wade, N Rose

West Adelaide Country- A Stidiford, T Brock, J Secker, J Smithson, L Wellman, J Singh

GOALS: South Adelaide Country- J Spark 1, T Martin 1, J Boots 1

West Adelaide Country- A Stidiford 4, J Smithson 1, H Dearman 1, J Male 1, H Pilgrim 1


Playford Alive Oval

Central District Metro 6.6.42

Norwood Metro 4.3.27

BEST: Central District Metro – H Elbow, B Matters, J Pellicone, J Hately, N Duncan, J Adey

Norwood Metro – S Gino, B Antonio, M Warren, B Carroll, T Theodorokopoulos, A Hatziylongis

GOALS: Central District Metro – J Hately 2, C Spurr 1, T Ferris 1, N Hooker 1, B Matters 1

Norwood Metro – L Bowman 2, A Hatziylongis 1, T Tedesco 1


Central District Country 6.4.40

Norwood Country 5.11.41

BEST: Central District Country – S Hunt, J Madden, R Humphries-Carnelly, B Schiller, B Kemp, C Dunn

Norwood Country – C Smith, J Molloy, J Miller, M Joseph, J Draper

GOALS: Central District Country – R Humphries-Carnelly 3, R Falkenberg 2, S Hunt 1

Norwood Country – C Smith 2, B Partridge 1, H Haines 1, I Hewson 1



Prospect Oval

North Adelaide Metro 10.7.67

South Adelaide Metro 7.4.46

BEST: North Adelaide Metro – N Jacka, M Slee, A Nikaloff, L Skinner, A Reeves, D Carter, J Hesse-Nicholas, C


South Adelaide Metro – J Daniels, C Coleman-Jones, R Irra, J Dorshorst, L Fitt, J Brown

GOALS: North Adelaide Metro- D Carter 3, S Danielle 3, G Cleary 1, L Skinner 1, A Nikaloff 1, M Zannetino 1

South Adelaide Metro – L Fitt 2, E Tink 2, C Lock 1, T Coleman 1, B Sowter 1


North Adelaide Country 6.4.40

South Adelaide Country 8.10.58

BEST: North Adelaide Country- B Woodcock, A Oliphant, C Head, S Combe, D Voumard

South Adelaide Country – J Spark, J Bradford, J Colewell, J Boots, N Rose, S Lawrie, J Tarca

GOALS: North Adelaide Country- D Puddy 2, F Szekely 2, B Woodcock 1, T Hartlett 1

South Adelaide Country – J Colewell 2, T Illingworth 2, J Tarca 1, J Boots 1, H Tuohy 1, S Kilgallon 1


City Mazda Stadium

West Adelaide Metro 4.15.39

Norwood Metro 3.4.22

BEST: West Adelaide Metro- P Fairlie, L Eichner, M Crockhardt, A Blackman, M Walton, C Clohesy

GOALS: West Adelaide Metro- B Phillips 1, T Hocking 1, B Smith 1, J Goss 1

Norwood Metro- B D’Antonio 1, P Hatswell 1, P Dawson 1


West Adelaide Country 9.6.60

Norwood Country 3.6.24

BEST: West Adelaide Country – J Secker, T Brock, L Lellman, H Brown, R Hadfield, J Wiebrecht, B De Vito, D


Norwood Country - B Partridge, C Smith, M Joseph, J Bebbington, J Draper

GOALS: West Adelaide Country – J Wiebrecht 2, B De Vito 1, H Dearman 1, D Hahn 1, L Lellman, A Stidiford 1,

E Taylor 1, J McCarthy 1

Norwood Country – J Bebbington 2, I Hewson 1



Hickinbotham Oval

South Adelaide Metro 2.11.23

Norwood Metro 1.1.7

BEST: South Adelaide Metro- C Coleman-Jones, R Wiliams, R Irra, B Sowter, L Fitt

Norwood Metro- B Carroll, S Gino, L Bowman, P Dawson, B D’Antonio, N Scheid

GOALS: South Adelaide Metro- C Coleman-Jones 1, T Sparrow 1

Norwood Metro- L Bowman 1


South Adelaide Country 7.8.50

Norwood Country 1.2.8

BEST: South Adelaide Country- B Wade, J Colwell, S Whitebread, N Rose, S Lawrie, J Bradford, D Stock, J

Boots, C McNeil

Norwood Country- L Potts, I Henson, B partridge, D Rowe, C Smith

GOALS: South Adelaide Country- D Stock 3, B Wade 1, T Illingworth 1, J Boots 1, J Colwell 1

Norwood Country- I Hewson


Smithfield Oval

Central Districts Metro 5.0.30

North Adelaide Metro 7.13.55

BEST: Central District Metro- J Adey, J Hateley, B Matters, N Duncan, H Elbrow, A Northcott, F Noto, J Weetra

North Adelaide Metro – A Reeves, X Cubillo, M Slee, J Renney, L Skinner, D Carter, S Daniele

GOALS: Central District Metro- J Weetra 3, N Hooker 1, F Noto 1

North Adelaide Metro – J Renney 2, D Grant 1, G Cleary 1, D Carter 1, C Byrne 1, N Jacka 1


Central District Country 9.7.61

North Adelaide Country 7.11.53

BEST: Central District Country – J Billing, T Wilkin, B Dowse, R Humphries-Carnelly, T Mason, J Madden

North Adelaide Country – R Falcione, A Oliphant, S Combe, N Kleinig, R Fuschtei

GOALS: Central District Country- J Billings 3, N Burton 2, B Matthews 1, A Webb 1, T Mason 1, R Carnelly 1

North Adelaide Country – A Oliphant 2, S Combe 1, D Puddy 1, M Brown 1, F Szekely 1, K Blesing 1

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