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CDFC Junior Mascot 2015

Before each home game one CDFC 2015 Junior Member is randomly selected to be our 'Junior Mascot' and run out with the team on Playford Alive Oval on Match Day. Sponsored by OPAL (City of Playford's 'Eat Well and Be Active' Initiative) the CDFC Junior Mascot gets to meet and have a photo with their favourite Centrals player, meet other players, run out with the team and also gets a Guernsey with their favourite player's number to keep.

To be randomly selected you must be a 2015 CDFC Junior Member

Here are some of our Junior Mascots from recent home matches:

Today’s ‘Opal’ junior mascot is DANIEL HARKER, 10yrs from Sefton Park
And will be wearing the Guernsey #11 – Trent Goodrem????????
This weeks (11th July 2015) junior mascot is Cate Surrey and her hero is Luke Habel. 
Cate along with captain Paul Thomas leading the team onto the field
Cate and Paul Thomas having a pre game photo on the field
This weeks (June 20th 2015) junior mascot is Jackson Revelle, with his hero Paul Thomas.
Jackson leading the team out of the race, before the game.
Jackson enjoying a on field photo with club captain Paul Thomas.
This weeks (June 6th, 2015) junior mascot is Carter Rankine, his hero is Jarrod Trainer
Carter running onto to the field with the team prior to the match starting
Carter taking an on field photo with Ben Mabon and Trent Goodrem
This weeks (May 30th, 2015) junior mascot is Brianna Blackman, with her hero Luke Habel
Brianna running out with the team before the game
Brianna taking an on field photo with Paul Thomas
This weeks (May 9th, 2015) junior mascot is Veronikka Niklaus, with her hero Trent Goodrem
Veronikka running onto the field with the team.
Veronikka enjoying a pre game photo with Paul Thomas.
This weeks junior mascots (25th of April 2015) were Thomas and Isaac Dowie.
Here is Thomas and Isaac running onto the field with the team.
Isaac and Thomas enjoying a photo on the field.
This weeks junior mascots (April 11th 2015) are Cooper and Marley Muldoon. 
Cooper and Marley running onto the field with the team.
This weeks junior mascot is Jayden Holten. Here's Jayden with his favorite player Trent Goodrem
Jayden having his photo taken next to Ben Nason
Jayden, enjoying a pre game photo with Josh Glenn (left) and Trent Goodrem (right)
This is Jayden and his family, all proud bulldogs supporters
Michael Young - league photographer holding Julian Reddy
Corey Reichert is the hero for Jeremy Jones from Davoren Park. Round 16 junior mascot
This weeks (July 19th) junior mascot is Lara Murphy. Here she is with Captain Paul Thomas before the game
Here Lara is running out with with the team ahead of the Eagles clash
Lara and her hero Ryan Williams before the game
Dylan Lake was Centrals Junior mascot on the 12th of April. Here he is running out with the team
Dylan, having a pre match photo with midfielders Jackson Potter and Jacob Gillbee
Dylan, enjoying a pre match photo with captain Paul Thomas  
Fergus is enjoying a pre match warm up with the players
Fergus running out side by side with captain Paul Thomas
Here, Fergus is enjoying a pre game photo with CDFC vice captain Trent Goodrem
Fergus Todd was our round 10 junior mascot. Fergus is the nephew of CDFC player Dylan Hewitt 
Our Mascot against South Adelaide on April 26 was Ellie Clifford 4 years old and her favourite star is no 6 Bradley Symes.
Abigail leads the team out on August 31 2013 against Glenelg. Her favourite player is Justin Hardy No 8. 

Go You Dogs!







"C'Mon U Dogs", she says as she raises her arms, asking the boys to dig deep against Sturt as she leads out the side!!!
Jorja from Davoren Park, assessing which end the team will warm up at (as skipper Paul Thomas awaits her decision)!
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