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New Year, New Opportunities

Footy is just about back again for 2012 and so is Goodies Gossip. The two practically go hand in hand. A lot has been happening since then so I thought I would fill you in with a bit of an update. Apologies again for the delay, hopefully it is worth it.

Something our members and fans are always interested in at this time of year is our new recruits and who is having a cracking preseason. Firstly to the new recruits we have picked up over the summer. 

Tom Collier – TC has come over and made a fantastic impression straight away. He has a terrific work rate and has been one of those blokes burning up the track this pre-season. Originally from Tasmania, he has spent his last few years at the Brisbane Lions since being drafted in 2007, he will be a terrific addition to the doggies defence and is one to watch in the players auction for those who are interested. 

Jackson O’brien – Has been on the doggies radar for the last couple of years and has signed up for the 2012 season. Also from Tasmania and mates with TC, he found it an easy decision to come over this year. Recommended by Ian Callinan, Jacko is a fiery strawberry blonde midfielder with a good work rate. Stories go he has already fallen in love with a girl who has been described as 6ft 3 and an Olympic swimmer.

James Lawton – ‘Jimmy the toothpick’ Played for Coburg in the VFL last year but is originally from the country NSW town of Ganmain were Luke ‘Cuzzyotto Dragon’ Habel played his football before joining the dogs. Jimmy is the son of former dogs player Jed Lawton who was around in the late 80’s. Like Jacko, Jimmy has been on the radar for a couple of years so it has been good to get him across. Has been putting the hard yards in the gym this pre-season to increase some size on those 14 year old arms of his. A humorous character that ‘tells a good yarn’ (self-proclaimed). Has had knee tendonitis but should back training over the next couple of weeks. 

Ben Nason – The ex-dreadlocked warrior is back after a couple of years at Richmond. Has had a disrupted pre-season due to some niggling injuries but should be right to go for the first game of the year. Look out for the blonde hair tearing it up not only at Playford Alive Oval but the Elizabeth Centre as well where he also does some of his best work. 

Callum Hay – Has moved across from North Adelaide after spending last year on Port Adelaide Powers rookie list. Since being here he has missed a little bit of time with a couple of little niggles but has been putting on some serious weight clinics in the gym. Back in to training now and looks the goods on the track.

Special mention to Jack Hannath, Ashely Fry, TC & Ryan ‘Full Sleeve’ Williams who are all burning up the track. Especially Willo who I reckon would be a good buy in the players auction as well. 

Lots of you would also be pretty keen to know how some of the injured blokes are coming along. As seems to be the usual at the Club and at this time of year there seems to be a tone so I will go through the ones I can remember. 

Alan ‘Ive done me knee’ Obst is still on the mend and will just have to take it session by session to see how it feels and how it pulls up. Still hoping for a return around midway through the year. Has been spending plenty of time in the gym for rehab and also A A fitness. 

Jay ‘Nibbles’ Nash who is also recovering from his knee reconstruction is travelling along very nicely and tells me he will be right to go ANZAC day. He has been prancing around the oval for some time now so will be keen to have him back burning up the track soon. 

Brayden O’Hara had surgery to fix his spastic hip and is starting to get into some more running now. He has been spending his time training to break the dips record at the Club and has done so with a new record of 71. Go Brayden!

Thomas ‘Steelo’ Dunne has had surgery on the ankle that was giving him grief last year. He is starting to get more and more running in and should be back training with the group in about 2 weeks’ time.

Cameron ‘Shoulders’ Milne has unfortunately suffered another dislocation and has undergone surgery to tighten the shoulder capsule. The incident happened with known thug David Haydon getting a cheap shot in during a tackling drill. You can take the boy out of Smithfield but you can’t take Smithfield out of the boy!

Justine Henin Hardine (Hardy) has still been having trouble with a torn quad that made him miss out on the grand final last year. He has been monstering the gym and breaking equipment. The big fella is making good use of his big rig and a girls are loving it. Personally I think he is overweight and ugly, my opinion only….whisk!

The new disease sweeping the club is plantar fasciitis, Luke Barmby started the trend with Chad O’sullivan, Corey Reichelt & Tim Boyd all getting involved. All are at various stages of recovery but should be good to go when games are upon us. 

Club Groin is a pretty popular group to be in with Ryan ‘Boot Scootin’ Noonan, Jake Snowden, Brad Hood, Paul ‘Dream Boat’ Drieman, Travis Schiller all having trouble over the preseason with the love region. I have never in my time seen so many blokes in the rehab group just continually doing 10 x 100 meter strides for 8 weeks straight without progressing. Conveniently games are about to start so they are all very near to being ready to go.

I nearly forgot about myself, unfortunately I have had a little niggle in my knee for some time now and the last session before the Christmas break it pulled up quite sore. In the end I ended up having a clean out to help sort out a little crack I had in the knee cap. All went really and I am hoping to be back for the second trial match against North Adelaide. 

There has been a fair bit going on around the place so I thought I would list some things that have happened recently.

  1. James Gowans & Christie Nash are now Mr & Mrs Gowans. Congratulations also to Jay Nash who was Christies Maid of Honor.
  2. Chris Gowans & Rikki Hil got engaged and are due to get married in a few months’ time.
  3. Scott Dutschke & Emma Fellowes are also now Mr & Mrs Dutschke. Their wedding also had a fantastic MC who just about made the evening.
  4. Eddie Sansbury & Lenore Geia have also got engaged over the break so congratulations to them both.
  5. Charles Slattery & Nikki Harris were married over the Christmas break and Charles will stay involved in 2012 being the league runner.
  6. My little mate Luke Habel has taken over from Alan Obst as the Club Development Officer. ‘boidboy’ also was on the verge of me putting several hooks on his beak before Christmas with his sledging going to a new level. Fortunately for me (and the rest of the playing group) he had numerous teeth knocked out in a freak accident in a competitive drill which shut him up for only 3 days! He is now happily chirping and giving bulk lip in a constructive manner!

I have decided as part of Goodies Gossip 2012 edition there will be a section in most editions for my mate Kyle ‘Fat Boy’ Jenner as our love hate relationship continues to blossom. I hate him he loves me!

To his credit, the constructive criticism I have been giving him for the past 4 years about his weight has finally started to pay off. He is currently skinnier than Steve Monaghetti and flying around the track. He now has the confidence and has apparently set up a page on oasis.com and has been watching the biggest loser singles show for more inspiration. 

I will let Special Reporter Luke Habel fill you in on what I have been up to lately. He believes it sounds better coming from him and not me so have a quick read, from my mate about my mate. See it here.

Until next time

Goodie # 11

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