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Digital Pass - FAQ's



Please see outlined below suggested responses for any queries that may come through your Club in regards to the SANFL Macca’s League Digital Pass.


Q.        How do I join?

A.        Simply go to your SANFL Club’s website and follow the ‘Digital Pass’ links. Alternatively this can be found on the ticket tab, or via the following link (links to club’s digital pass page)


Q.        How much does it cost if I’m not a member?

A.        Cost are as little as $14.99 for a 30 Day Pass, or $74.99 for the entire season. For further information click here (links to club’s digital pass page)


Q.        What games can I see access?

A.        Digital Pass subscribers can view all of your club’s home and away games for the Season.


Q.        Why can’t I access all SANFL games?

A.        Season Passes are sold by each SANFL Club. These provide access to each of the Club’s 18 home and away games.

Q.        Why isn’t the Channel 7 broadcast game available live?

A.        The SANFL Macca’s League Game of the Week will be shown live on Channel Seven Adelaide.

Free to air broadcast is important for the continued health of our competition. Whilst these games can’t be viewed live via the digital pass, they can be viewed in replay.


Q.        Can I watch a game from two rounds ago?

A.        Yes, you can view any game played during the current season.


Q.        What is the quality like?

A.        Quality is dependent of both the device being used and your internet/wifi connection. Games are streamed in HD, 720p, 520p and 360p.

Q.        What sort of internet speed/quality will I need to view?

A.        Digital Pass has been developed to ensure it can be used via majority of connections, including HD, 720p, 520p and 360p. Your device will usually choose the most applicable size automatically.


Q.        Where do I log in?

A.        To access to pass you need to visit  https://digitalpass.sanfl.com.au/

You’ll need to use the same username and password when purchasing the Digital Pass through your club’s Sportsubs page.


Q.        Can I watch it on my smart tv?

A.        Yes. This can be achieved directly via your TV, Apple TV or Google Chrome Cast by either;

  • Downloading the SANFL App and clicking on Digital Pass from main menu
  • Entering your Club’s website and clicking on the Digital Pass link
  • Entering the URL : https://digitalpass.sanfl.com.au/


Q.        Who gets the money from this?

A.        Revenue generated from sales of Digital Passes will be retained by your Club.


Q.        Does it come with commentary?

A.        Yes, SANFL radio commentary is integrated seamlessly with each digital broadcast. Additionally, scores, statistics and a time clock appear on each broadcast.


Q.        Will it have replays?

A.        Users can do one of two things to obtain replays;

  • Press the 10 second review button on the bottom left of the screen – this will replay the previous 10 seconds of play.
  • Drag the timeline bar located at the bottom of the screen to any previous point in the game.


Q.        What if I purchase the pass, and then sign up as a club member afterwards - do I still get the discount?

A.        Unfortunately the system is unable to provide partial refunds. You should speak directly with your Club regarding your options.

Q.        What if I can’t remember my log in details?

  1. You can retrieve both your membership number (prefixed with an F) and or password by clicking on forgot ID or Password function on the Digital Pass access page.

NB - Whether logging in via the website or mobile device, your details should be saved for the next time you log in on the same device.


Q.        If I purchase the season pass part way through the year, how is the purchase price determined?

A.        The season price will be reflective of the amount of games left in the season. For example, when 50% of the season remains, the Season Pass will be 50% of the cost.


Q.        If I have technical difficulties, who should I contact?

A.        In most cases, any technical difficulties will be identified before reaching the customer. The below can be used as a general rule;

  • Unable to login to Digital Pass
    • Reset your password via the forgot password/log in
    • Contact your Club during normal business hours to check your account status
  • Can log in but unable to view games
    • This is likely to be due to your internet/wifi connection
    • If the problem is within the Digital Pass a notification will be posted on screen.
  • Something happens during the game
    • It is likely that we are already working to resolve the issue. Notification will be posted on screen to keep you informed.


Q.        Will SANFL finals be included in the price?

A.        SANFL Finals will be included in the Season Pass. This pass expires at the end of September. These will be shown following the completion of each Channel Seven broadcast. If you wish to watch the SANFL Finals Series but do not hold a Digital Season Pass you can purchase a 30 day live pass. 


Q.        Why can my friend access the Women’s League games for free when they didn’t pay for a Digital Pass?

A.        The Women’s League Digital Pass is free for everyone. Your Digital Pass will allow you access to watch your Club’s Macca’s League matches which can only be accessed through a paid Digital Pass. 



Q.        Why can’t I purchase an AFC Digital Pass?

A.        The Club was invited to participate this year however have chosen not to. They will look at participating in 2018. Please contact your Club for further information. 


Q.        Why can’t I purchase a PAFC Digital Pass?

A.        The Club was invited to participate this year however chose not to. They will look at participating in 2018. Please contact your Club for further information.  




Other Technical Information:

There are a fair few complicated variables involved in the calculation of data usage which make it difficult to give an accurate figure.

SANFL stream the game out with a video bit rate of 3000kbps and an audio bit rate of 96kbps which over 3 hours equates to 4.18 GB of data. This would be an absolute worst case data usage calculation.

Viewers at home would be highly unlikely to use this much data as each device has its own way of handling and displaying the incoming stream.
SANFL stream the same content out at 4 different resolutions. Depending on the device used and the data bandwidth available to the device the data usage varies according to how the device choses to display the content. 

For example if you chose to connect to WIFI to watch the content and the data bandwidth is poor, the device will chose to display one of the lower resolution streams.  Similarly if your phone or tablet is set to only receive 3G instead of 4G, the device will chose to display a lower resolution stream of the content and therefore use less data.

Apple for example use what is called ABR (Auto Bit Rate), this means that Apple devices such as iphones and ipads as well as the Safari browser on Apple computers automatically chose for you the best display options based on the bandwidth available to the device. 

Smaller devices such as phones and tablets will generally use less data to display the content than full size screens such as computer monitors and smart TVs.
Windows PCs and browsers on Apple computers such as Firefox and Chrome allow you to lower or raise the resolution quality of the image and therefore manipulate the amount of data used during viewing.  Unfortunately this function is not available on any handheld devices as of yet.

The audio streams will use very little data to listen to.  A 3 hour audio stream at 96kbps equates to 130mb of data.

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