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Please see outlined below suggested responses for any queries that may come through your Club in regards to the SANFL Macca’s League Digital Pass.



How much does it cost if I’m a SANFL Club member?
$5.99 for a 30-Day Pass or $29.99 for a Season Pass. To become a member go to your club website and sign up for a club membership package.



Q. How much does it cost if I’m a SANFL Club member?

A. $5.99 for a 30-Day Pass or $29.99 for a Season Pass. To become a member go to your club website and sign up for a club membership package.


Q. How much does it cost if I’m not a SANFL Club member?

A. Costs are as little as $9.99 for a 30-Day Pass, or $59.99 for a Season Pass.


Q. As a SANFL Club member how do I qualify for a member discount?

A. If you are a current SANFL Club member then you will qualify for a member discount. To access this discount you will need to use the your unique username (i.e. F123456) and password which can be retrieved at the club store for which you are a member.

All club members will have their own username (i.e. F123456) and password regardless of whether your membership was purchased online or directly from your chosen club.


Q. If I purchase the Season Pass part way through the year, how is the purchase price determined?

A. The season price will be reflective of the amount of games left in the season. For example, when 50% of the season remains, the Season Pass will be 50% of the cost.


Q. Are the SANFL Macca’s League Finals Series included in the price?

A. SANFL Finals are only included in the Season Pass (which expires at the end of September) and not the 30-day pass. A 7-day Finals Series Digital Pass will be available to purchase during the Finals Series for fans who are not a Season Pass holder.


Q. What happens if I am an Adelaide or Port Adelaide supporter?

A. Unfortunately, a Digital Pass product is not available for these two clubs, however you can purchase a Digital Pass through one of the other eight SANFL Clubs to watch all SANFL Macca’s League games this season, including Adelaide and Port Adelaide’s games.


Q. What if I purchase the Digital Pass, and then sign up as a SANFL Club member afterwards – do I still get the discount?

A. Unfortunately, the system is unable to provide partial refunds. You should speak directly with your Club regarding your options.


Q. Who gets the money from this?

A. Revenue generated from sales of Digital Passes will be retained by your SANFL Club.



Getting Started


Q. Where do I log in?

A. To access the Digital Pass you need to visit or login via the Official SANFL App:

• Android -

• iOS -


Q. What if I can’t remember my login details?

A. You can retrieve both your username (i.e. F123456) and/or password by clicking on Forgot ID or Password function on the Digital Pass login page. Your details will be saved for the next time you log in on the same device.



Watching Games


Q. What games can I access?

A. Digital Pass subscribers can access all 2018 SANFL Macca’s League matches.


Q. Why isn’t the Channel 7 broadcast game available live?

A. The SANFL Macca’s League Game of the Week will be shown live on Channel Seven Adelaide. Free to air broadcast is important for the continued health of our competition. You can watch the Game of the Week via These games can be viewed as a replay on the Digital Pass.


Q. Can I watch a game from two rounds ago?

A. Yes, you can view any game played during the current season.


Q. Does it come with commentary?

A. Yes, SANFL radio commentary is integrated seamlessly with each digital broadcast. Additionally, scores, statistics and a time clock appear on each broadcast.


Q. Will it have replays?

A. You can do one of two things to obtain replays:

• Press the 10 Second Review button on the bottom left of the screen – this will replay the previous 10 seconds of play.

• Drag the timeline bar located at the bottom of the screen to any previous point in the game.



Technical Questions


Q. How do I watch through my television?

A. The Digital Pass can be viewed on a television (and Smart TV) using the following methods:

• HDMI cable – watch in the web browser ( on laptop and connect laptop to TV via HDMI cable.

• Smart TV – watch in the web browser at

• Smart TV – watch via AirPlay Mirroring (through iPhone).

• Chromecast.


Q. Can I watch it on my Smart TV?

A. Yes. This can be achieved directly via your TV, Apple TV or Google Chromecast by:

• Downloading the SANFL App and clicking on Digital Pass from main menu.

• Entering your Club’s website and clicking on the Digital Pass link.

• Entering the URL:


Q. What is the quality like?

A. Quality is dependent of both the device being used and your internet/wifi connection. Games are streamed in HD, 720p, 520p and 360p.


Q. What sort of internet speed/quality will I need to view?

A. Digital Pass has been developed to ensure it can be used via majority of connections, including HD, 720p, 520p and 360p. Your device will usually choose the most applicable size automatically.


Q. Why is my Digital Pass streaming buffering?

A. This is likely to be due to your internet connection. We suggest you visit the following website to test the speed of your internet connection

A speed below 2 may impact you watching the streaming at a higher resolution. Furthermore, if sharing wifi with another user in the household, any other internet activity will also affect this (eg. using Netflix or watching YouTube at the same time).


Q. If I have technical difficulties, who should I contact?

A. In most cases, any technical difficulties will be identified before reaching the customer. The below can be used as a general rule:

• Unable to login to Digital Pass;

• Reset your password via the forgot password/login;

• Contact your SANFL Club during normal business hours to check your account status.

• Can login but unable to view games;

• This is likely to be due to your internet/wifi connection.

• If the problem is within the Digital Pass a notification will be posted on screen.

• Something happens during the game;

• It is likely that we are already working to resolve the issue. Notification will be posted on screen to keep you informed.



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