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Reserves Match Wrap Up





The poor weather conditions, unfortunately, set the tone for the Reserves day.  After a slow start to the game, the Reserves just weren't at their best, being outplayed by a strong West Adelaide side.

The poor performance resulted in the end to the Reserves Finals campaign for Season 2017.


Central District   1-1   4-1   5-2   6-3   (39)  
West Adelaide   4-2   6-3   8-10   10-10   (70)  



Prior, Templeton, Weaver, McLean, Richardson, Watts



McLean 2, Richardson 2, Watts 1, Claughton 1




It was one of the Reserves best games for the season.  The pressure and tackles they displayed on the Eagles was excellent, which enabled them to use the ball more effectively. 

The skill level was of a high standard and everybody contributed throughout the day.

Central District   2-3   8-4   13-6   16-7   (103)  
Eagles   1-3   3-6   4-7   5-9   (39)  



Claughton, Templeton, McLennan, Prior, Stevens, Boyle



Cloaughton 3, Stevens 3, Nason 3, Hamon 2, Watts 2, Dahms 1, Greig 1


It was a day of missed opportunities and turnovers at crucial times, that hurt our chances of winning this game.

Our endeavour throughout the day was good, but disappointing, as it cost us the double chance in the upcoming Finals Series.

Central District   1-5   3-7   5-11   7-14 (56)
West Adelaide   0-3   2-8   6-9   7-16 (58)



Dahms, Weaver. Richardson, Templeton, Prior, Stevens



Templeton 2, Richardson 1, Greig 1, Antonie 1, Nason 1, Boyle 1




The Reserves 26 point win over Norwood now has them firmly entrenched on the finals.

A 7 goals to 1 first quarter saw them set up the win.  A fine 5 goal effort from Ben Nason was a highlight with many young players contributing throughout the day.

Youngsters Cooper Dahms, Joshua Hatley, Jez McLennan and Ryan Falkenberg all performed well.


Central District   7-2   9-6   12-10   16-12 (108)
Norwood   1-1   7-4   8-9   10-12 (72)



Nason 5, Hatley 3, Waldhuter, Richardson, Boyle, Stevens, Templeton



Stevens, Nason, Hatley, Dahms, Prior, Weaver



It was another tough day at the office for the Reserves on Saturday, suffering a 39 point loss to North Adelaide.

In tough conditions, the skills around the ground were still an issue at times and too often resulted in scoring opportunities for North.  Missed opportunities in front of goal cost the home side, especially in the second half,  

Despite the loss we saw some strong performances by youngsters Ben Antonie, Jordon Boyle and Jackson Hately.  Senior player, Matthew Prior, was also strong down back.

The Boys will look to bounce back against Norwood this week and re-gain their push for a spot in the 2017 Finals Series.


Central District   1-1   5-4   5-5   5-9 (39)
North Adelaide   3-3   5-6   9-9   11-12 (78)



BEST: B Antonie, J Hatley, J Boyle, J Templeton, J McLennan, M Prior

GOALS: J Waldhuter, J Tampleton, B Nason, C Dahms, D Hamon 



GOALS: C Barns 5, Halyar 2, A Barns, Denham, G Thring, Grove


Poor start costs Dogs

In what was a disappointing day for the Reserves on Saturday, our boys went down to the Double Blues by 38 points

Most of the damage was done early on with Sturt captalising on a howling breeze, kicking 7 goals unanswered in the first term. 

Well down on form, the Dogs lacked the required urgency and despite having the breeze in the 2nd, a "stalemate" quarter produced just 1 goal for each side.

The Dogs found a spark in the 3rd and kicked 4 goals into the breeze, keeping Sturt to just 4 at the same time.

Unfortunately it was all too late with the Double Blues holding a 47 point lead at the final change. The Dogs narrowed the margin to 38 points by the final siren.

Central District sit 4th on the ladder after 12 matches. 

  Q1   Q2   Q3   Q4
Sturt 7.3    8.5   12.10   13.12-90 
Central District  0.1   1.4    5.5   7.10-52


Goal Kickers: S. Samblich 4, J. Penfold 2, J. Houlahan 2, B. Kennedy, B. Coulson, H. Voigt, S. Hayden, A. Trenorden

Best Players: J. Moriarty, H. Carey, S. Samblich , C. Ballard, B. Zerk-Thatcher, C. Wildman


Goal Kickers: C. Edmead 2, B. Nason 2, C. Mclean 2, T. Stevens

Best Players: M. Prior, W. Hewett, J. Hately, D. Weaver, M. Claughton, C. Mclean



Central's run of 7 straight wins came to an end at the weekend with Port Adelaide just too strong.

With Port's SANFL League Captain playing Reserves grade thanks to it's SANFL Side having the full compliment of AFL Listed players, Port's class and experience was too much for the Dogs to handle. The Magpies blasted their way to the lead early and maintained it throughout the match.

Central were best served by youngsters Josh Richardson (Whio just missed out on League selection), Underage prospect Cooper Dahms, the experienced Ben Nason, Josh Coleman, Big Man Matt Claughton and defender Corey Reichert. 

Central District  2.1-13   2.2-14   4.5-29   5.7-37          
Port Adelaide 7.2-44 11.5-71 15.8-98 20.12-132         

Central District

Goal Kickers: K. Broadwood, T. Stevens, C. Edmead, C. Mclean, W. Hewett

Best Players: J. Richardson, C. Dahms, B. Nason, J. Coleman, M. Claughton, C. Reichert 


The Central District Reseves juggernaut continued on at the weekend, winning its 7th game in a row - by 1 solitary point at Noarlunga on Saturday.

The Dogs kicked into a hefty breeze (probably worth about 5 goals) in the first term and worked hard to have 2 goals on the board to South's 4 at 1/4 time. The match was fairly even throughout until South jumped central with the aid of the 3rd term breeze, South got out to 3 goals in-front and we're playing some good footy before Central dug deep. In the last term Central got the job done. - a Goal from Ruckman Matthew Claughton, and a telling/match saving Mark from Matthew Prior in defence were the highlights - sealing a 1 point victory. 

Josh Glenn took the 'best on ground' honours, with Sam Hanna close behind - kicking 5 goals. Other solid performers were Dylan Weaver, Underage players Jackson Hately and Jez McLennan, Matt Prior and Ben Nason. 

South Adelaide 4.5-29 4.6-30 9.9-63 11.9-75  
Central District  2.0-12   6.7-43   7.7-49   11.10-76   

Central District

Goal Kickers: S. Hanna 5, W. Hewett 2, M. Claughton 2, B. Nason, J. Glenn

Best Players: J. Glenn, S. Hanna, D. Weaver, J. Hately, J. McLennan, B. Nason


Central made it 6 wins in a row with a 70 point win over the Bays on Saturday July 1st.

The Dogs looked the goods from the outset, with their midfielders hard at the contest.

A  combination of a tight defensive unit, talls competing well all day, and free-flowing ball movement allowed Central's forwards to capitalise.

Josh Waldhuter and D'Arcy Hamon in particular, able to finish off their team-mates hard work.

Central District   6.4-40   10.5-65   14.10-94   19.11-125
Glenelg   0.1-1   3.2-20   5.5-35   8.7-55

Goal Kickers:
J. Waldhuter 5, J. Richardson 3, D. Hamon 3, M. Claughton 2, B. Nason 2, S. Hanna, M. Prior, M. Blenkiron, J. Boyle

Best Players: J. Richardson, S. Hanna, D. Hamon, M. Prior, T. Collier, J. Furnell



Central made it 5 wins in a row with a win over Sturt on Saturday.

Central included two Under 18's for their 1st run on Saturday in Cooper Dahms and Brodie Cormack - Coaching staff were impressed with their contributions.

Standout players were Kyle Presbury, Josh Waldhuter, and best on ground Marcus Barreau.

The win puts Central into 4th position on the SANFL Reserves ladder.



STURT 7.6 (48)


Goal Kickers: J. Waldhuter 4, C. Dahms 2, I. McKenzie 2, T. Stevens, D. Hamon, J. Boyle, J. Furnell

Best Players: M. Barreau, K. Presbury, J. Waldhuter, B. Antonie, C. Dahms, I. McKenzie



The Dogs made it 4 wins in a row with a 14 point win over top side West Adelaide on Saturday.

The Dogs let at every change off the back of a 1st half which was excellent - the Dogs slamming home 5 goals in each of the first two quarters.

As expected, West rallied after the long break but the Bulldogs maintained their lead despite being 2 numbers down in the 2nd half.

Overall it was a great win away from home, against what was the ladder leaders. 

Many players played well, the standout being Ben Walter - who played up forward, taking 13 marks and clear best player honours.

The win puts Central District into 5th place on the SANFL Reserves Ladder.


West Adelaide    1.1-7    4.1-25   7.4-46    9.10-64

Central District  5.1-31  10.3-63  11.4-70  12.6-78



Goal Kickers: J. Richardson 3, B. Walter 2, D. Hamon 2, J. Waldhuter 2, B. Bain, K. Presbury, I. McKenzie

 Best Players: B. Walter, K. Broadwood, J. McLennan, D. Weaver, T. Collier, J. Richardson



Central defeated the Magpies by 4 points in the Reserves grade Saturday making it 3 wins on the trot for our Reserves side. 

After trailing 2.5 (17) to just 1 behind at quarter time, the Dogs capitalised on the 2nd Term breeze, piling on 6 goals to lead by 14 points at the main break.

The 3rd term was low scoring with Central adding 2 majors, the Magpies just one. Central led by 20 point lead at lemons. 

Although Port outscored the Dogs in the last term, Central ran out 4 point winners.

It has been a productive Month for our Reserves side with 3 wins and a loss by the narrowest of Margins prior to that. 

                  Q1           Q2           Q3           Q4

Port Adelaide    2.5-17 3.7-25 4.7-31 8.8-56

Central District   0.1-1 6.3-39 8.3-51 9.6-60


Goal Kickers: J. Templeton 4, D. Hamon, T. Stevens, J. Waldhuter, B. Bain, B. Walter

Best Players: S. Hanna, T. Stevens, B. Bain, D. Weaver, J. Furnell, J. McLennan

Central District 1.1   3.4 8.4 10.7 (67)
South Adelaide   3.1 4.4 5.4  7.8 (50)

Central made it 2 wins on the trot in the Reserves grade with a 17 point win over South Adelaide on Saturday at home.

Down 2 players by the 2nd term with Coleman and Barreau (2 of the Dogs better players throughout the last month suffering injuries) it was a steely effort from the home side.

Due to the mentioned injuries Central changed its game style a little bit, an example being Kyle Broadwood heading forward.

In a relatively low scoring game scores were locked away at 4 goals 4 behinds a piece early in the 3rd term.

However, Central stuck to the task, with some good play from many players, including some aiming to make amends from their demotion from League ranks, the Dogs kicked away somewhat with 7 second half majors to South's 3. 

Standout players were Sam Hanna, Jack Hannath, Ben Walter, Brad Bain, Dylan Weaver, Tom Stevens and Ryan Llewelyn


Central District put a solid win on the board in the Reserves game on May 6th with a 49 point win over Norwood.

Impressive for the Dogs was the way in which we moved the footy downfield from one end to the other.

The attitude of the group this week was superb and with the help of some familiar names and senior faces, all 21 players stuck to the task for all four quarters.

The 2nd half was a highlight with Central booting 10 goals to Norwood's 4. Kicking a relatively accurate 17 goals and 8 behinds for the day allowed the Dogs to run out comfortable winners.

Central District   4.3 7.5 15.6 17.8 (110)      
Norwood 1.2 5.5 6.6  9.7 (61)      


Best Players: R. Llewellyn, T. Stevens, J. Templeton, B. Walter, S. Hanna, I. McKenzie

Goal Kickers: J. Templeton 4, I. McKenzie 3, B. Nason 2, M. Claughton 2, T. Stevens 2, D. Weaver, S. Hanna, B. Walter, J. Hannath



Central's Reserves went down to the Bays by the smallest of Margins on Saturday April 29th.

Played at Glenelg. The Bulldogs started slowly but eventually hit their straps to be reasonably competitive throughout. 

Some bad turnovers did cost the Dogs, allowing Glenelg to capitalise on the scoreboard.

Centrals competitive nature was at a much higher level than in recent weeks, and in all honesty perhaps Central didnt make most of their opportunities when the momentum was with the away side.

Although well in the hunt, the they let game slip late to go down by 1 solitary point.

There were some familiar names and faces in the Reserves side on Saturday and this should hold the group in good stead for the weeks ahead.

Central District   1-2    6-5    9-7    11-10   (76)        

Glenelg 3-4   6-6   9-8 11-11 (77)    



Ryan Llewellyn, Marcus Barreau, Brad Bain, Murray Stephenson, Ben Walter and Dylan Weaver



Josh Coleman, Ben Walter, Jacob Templeton, Josh Banks, Isaya McKenzie, Sam Milne, Dylan Weaver, Ben Nason



The Reserves side had another “tough day at the office” on Friday, going down to North by 98 points.

Goalless in the First Term and with only 1 goal to their name at half time it seemed the day only got longer with poor skills and a lack of intensity evident throughout the contest.

Only a few positives could come out of the match. Those being: Keeping the Roosters to only 2 goals in the Second Term and the work-rate and effort of Dylan Weaver and Josh Waldhuter who can both hold their heads high.

The Reserves have a chance to re-group with a Bye ahead this Saturday (League play Adelaide), before a match up with Glenelg at The Bay on Saturday April 29th

Central District   0- 0   1-1    2-3   3-8   (26)
North Adelaide  7-3  9-6  14-8  19-10  (124)

Josh Waldhuter, Dylan Weaver, Ben Walter, Ryan Llewellyn, Josh Coleman, Corey Reichert

Ben Walter, Domenic Costanzo, Ryder Eberhard



On the most part is was a really competitive effort from what was a really young group on Saturday.

The Reserves took on last year’s Grand Finalists the Eagles and the early physicality from our boys was excellent.

We were within striking distance being only 2 goals down at ¾ time and at that point in time had had more possessions than opposition.

However, as is often quoted - “the game is played 90% between the ears” and despite a great effort thus far, towards the end of 3rd term and into the last, when we started to tire, our lack of pressure ultimately brought us undone with the Eagles kicking away.

As is often the case with young groups, we didn’t quite have the maturity or mental toughness to grind away for a more favourable result once the situation got harder.

Nevertheless it’s something to work on in the coming weeks.  

Central District 2- 4 3- 9 5-9  69 (45)
Eagles 2-1 6-3 7-8 14-11 (95)


Josh Coleman, Jarrod Schiller, Josh Waldhuter, Dylan Weaver, Ben Walter, Domenic Costanzo


Josh Coleman, Sam Dunn, Isaya McKenzie, Dylan Weaver, Jarrod Schiller, Ben Walter


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