Reserves Match Wrap Up



Reserves Match Reports are thanks to Darren Reeves (Reserves Coach)






While disappointed not to win and progress to the Grand Final, we're extremely proud of how the group has taken on the challenge of elimination football for seven weeks.

With 10 minutes to go in the Preliminary Final we had a chance to win.  No doubt we would have taken that at the start of the season.  Full credit to Norwood, they held strong in the last few minutes.

In tough conditions, we were pleased to be only three goals down at quarter time against a strong breeze.  No doubt, in the second quarter with the breeze when we didn't take advantage, was telling in the end.

To the credit of the group they played a strong third quarter, keeping the margin to 20 points at the last break, giving ourselves a chance.

What we can walk away satisfied with, is the fact we threw everything at it in the last quarter, and created enough chances that didn't fall our way.

We take away some significant experiences for a young group, some solid contributions from the more experienced players, and some real optimism into next season.

A big thank you to the great support we had over the past three weeks.  We look forward to 2019.

Central District     1-3   4-6   7-7   10-11   (71)
Norwood     4-4   7-7   10-10   11-12   (78)

BEST - Frazer O'Gorman, James Watt, Jacob Templeton, Ethan East, Jez McLennan, Connor Mclean

GOALS - Ethan East 2, Jacob Templeton 2, Jack Hannath 1, Connor Mclean 1, Ben Nason 1, Rhett Montgomerie 1, Aaron Nietschke 1, Jackson Hately 1



As we expected going into the game, the result hung in the balance right up until the final siren.

Pleasingly, again we were able to dig deep when we were challenged and found ourselves behind late in the game to kick the last 2 goals, then find a way to hold on in the last 4 minutes of play.

An excellent first quarter enabled us to have a 4 goal lead at quarter time, which quickly came undone in the second, with some sloppy mistakes and a slight drop in intensity and work rate.

In the third quarter, with a strong breeze behind us, we were not able to take full advantage as we took only a 15 point lead into three quarter time.

While we have been in some tight games over the past 6 weeks we hadn't been behind in the last quarter for some time.  To the players credit, they stayed brave with ball in hand and desperate defensively to keep our season alive and onto the Preliminary Final against Norwood next Saturday.   

As the season has panned out, we have been essentially playing elimination football for the last 6 weeks, so we head into the week confident.  

We are capable of handling the situation. Having played against Norwood over the last month, we are aware we will need to be at our best for longer, but we take confidence that we were able to get a win in that game.  

We can't wait for the challenge this week.

Central District     6-3   6-4   10-6   12-6   (78)
Glenelg     2-0   7-3   8-3   11-6   (72)

BEST - Aaron Nietschke, Jez McLennan, Jacob Templeton, James Watt, Jackson Hately, Connor Mclean

GOALS - Murray Stephenson 3, Aaron Nietschke 2, Connor Mclean 2, Jackson Hately 1, Ryan Falkenberg 1, Ethan East 1, Ari Rigney 1, Marcus Barreau 1




After a tough slog for the first three quarters, where we weren't able to break away, we are really pleased with our last 20 minutes of football.  This allowed us to get away with a 4 goal win in the end.

Full credit to West Adelaide as they continued to apply pressure and find a goal to keep the contest tight.

For us, we are thrilled with the win and the experience we've gained for the group, on how to respond when we're being challenged in a big game.

Throughout the day we had some excellent contributors with a number of senior players really leading by example.  Together with our young players, they stood up and had an excellent influence in the last quarter.

Pleasingly, we feel that we still have some substantial improvement left in us as we prepare for a semi final against Glenelg this coming Saturday. We look forward to the challenge!

Central District     3-4   7-4   8-10   12-14   (86)
West Adelaide     3-1   5-2   7-5   9-7   (61)

BEST - Jacob Templeton, Jack Hannath, Ryley Maitland, Jordan O'Brien, Jackson Hately, Ari Rigney

GOALS - Jackson Hately 2, Jordan O'Brien 2, Murray Stephenson 1, Jack Hannath 1, Connor Mclean 1, Ryan Falkenberg 1, Ari Rigney 1, Jacob Templeton 1, Aaron Nietschke 1, Rhett Montgomerie 1




With other games not being played until the next day, we went into our game needing a win to assure our place in the finals.

As expected, the Eagles played with great energy and were able to put us under pressure for most of the game.

While we were pleased with our effort, for most part we were a little sloppy in our method, skill level and tackle pressure.  After getting to solid leads at different times, we always allowed them to get back in touch.  It was game on at three quarter time with only 2 points the difference.

We were able to play one of our better quarters for the year in the last.  We took control around the contest, found the desperate edge we had played with for a month or so, and managed to get away with a 4 goal win.

We go into an Elimination Final this weekend against West Adelaide, with some nice confidence and the knowledge that we have beaten all teams above us over the course of the year.  We can't wait for Saturday!!     

Central District     3-4   8-6   10-6   14-8   (92)
Eagles     3-1   6-3   10-4   11-4   (70)

BEST - James Watt, Ben Antonie, Jordan O'Brien, Ethan East, Josh Richardson, Murray Stephenson

GOALS - Murray Stephenson 4, Ryan Falkenberg 3, Ethan East 2, Jack Hannath 2, James Watt 1, Josh Richardson 1, Connor Mclean 1



As has been the case for a number of weeks now, it was a must win game to keep our place in the finals in our hands.

Really pleasing with how the group attacked the contest from the first bounce, and while the game possibly didn't reach a great height as a spectacle, our intent to apply strong pressure and play a direct brand of football was strong.

In the end, we were able to lay 110 tackles which created a lot of scoring opportunities, which is one of the areas we've had some trouble with over the year.

A very even spread of contributors over the day which was pleasing from a coaching perspective.

We play against the Eagles this coming Saturday with a win seeing us playing finals the following week.

A great time of the year to still be playing!  

Central District     5-4   10-5   13-10   19-13   (127)
Port Adelaide     0-0   2-2   3-3   4-5   (29)

BEST - Josh Richardson, Ryley Maitland, Jacob Templeton, Murray Stephenson, Rhett Montgomerie, Brodu Mahoney

GOALS - Murray Stephenson 5, Jacob Templeton 5, Ryan Falkenberg 2, Ethan East 2, Josh Richardson 2, Connor Mclean 1, James Watt 1, Jake Billing 1




An excellent result, highlighted by a lot of solid contributors across the ground.

Norwood had won a number of games in a row, and were able to put us under pressure early in the game by getting to a 3 goal lead. To our players credit, we responded quickly with excellent second and third quarters.  We put ourselves in a good position to hold on and win the game, despite the last 5 minutes being played in our defensive 50.

With other results going our way, we now have finals aspirations in our hands with two games remaining.  Two more positive results will allow us to finish in the top 5.

Again, a really solid effort from a number of senior players, as well as our promising juniors that continue to excite the coaching staff.

Central District     2-0   6-1   11-5   11-10   (76)
Norwood     4-4   6-5   8-6   10-11   (71)

BEST - Ari Rigney, Jack Hannath, Murray Stephenson, Frazer O'Gorman, Jacob Templeton, Sam Hanna

GOALS - Ari Rigney 4, Murray Stephenson 3, Ryan Falkenberg 1, Connor Mclean 1, Jacob Templeton 1, Ethan East 1



After a tough past month with some close losses, and a couple of poor performances, it was extremely pleasing to get back on the winners list and keep the finals chances in our own destiny.

We were made to work hard for the result, and while pleased with our effort and endeavour in the first three quarters, we found ourselves 23 points down at 3/4 time with some work to do.

The last quarter, whilst not always pretty in tough conditions, we were able to gain good momentum and finally hit the front in the last 5 minutes, and hang on to get an important win against a team we are competing with for a finals spot.

Lots to work on, lots still to get right as we head into another bye this week before Norwood in 2 weeks time.

Again we had some solid contribution form exciting young players as well as the senior players in our group.

Central District     2-0   2-3   3-6   7-11   (53)
Sturt     1-3   4-5   7-5   7-7   (49)

BEST - Ben Antonie, Aaron Nietschke, Jacob Templeton, Sam Hanna, Ryley Maitland, Jordan O'Brien

GOALS - Jordan O'Brien, O'Gorman, Nason, East, Nietschke, Mahoney, Mclean







Whilst not a positive result on the scoreboard, we did take some positives for effort over all four quarters from the game.  

We're still not quite at the level we'd like to be, but having 21 contributors was an improvement from the previous week.

A day where we weren't able to turn 8 scoring shots in the first quater into 5 or 6 goals, instead being 1 goal 7.  This would take on the momentum for the rest of the game.  It just wasn't to be, but a much better sign.

Again, a number of our younger players continued to be the most prominent.

We have a bye this weekend before facing Sturt in a fortnight's time.  We still see a glimpse of a finals spot in our destiny with 4 games still to play.

Central District     1-7   3-7   6-8   7-8   (50)
West Adelaide     2-1   8-3   10-5   14-6   (90)

BEST - Jez McLennan, Aaron Nietschke, Matthew White, Marcus Barreau, Brody Mahoney, Ben Antonie

GOALS - Frazer O'Gorman 2, Malachai Ahmatt-Lovett 1, Ryan Humphries-Carnelly 1, Brody Mahoney 1, Matthew White 1, Ben Nason 1




Plenty of reflection and strong conversation, followed by an equally strong reaction required, after a less than satisfactory performance on Saturday.

We were well beaten on the scoreboard, but more concerning, well beaten in effort across the board.

It has been a little trend for a few weeks now with it being left to a few to carry the load, while others are happy to pick and choose effort levels.

We hope this is a great lesson to the group both as individuals and collectively that consistency of effort, desire to be playing your role and improving every moment, as well as genuine care, are non negotiables at our footy Club. 

Nothing less than this will be excepted.

The great thing in footy is we get a chance to rectify it this Saturday against West Adelaide and keep ourselves in the finals picture.

We will be expecting nothing less then 21 fully committed players to take the field.

Central District   1-1   1-1   2-3   4-4   (28)  
Glenelg   3-3   7-7   12-8   16-10   (106)  

BEST - Ben Antonie, Frazer O'Gorman, Jordan O'Brien, Ryan Falkenberg, Ari Rigney, Ben Nason

GOALS - Ryan Falkenberg 1, Ari Rigney 1, Malachai Ahmatt-Lovett 1, Nathan Kennedy 1




In what has been a theme over the year at Reserves level, a frustrating block of the game in the end proved to be to costly.

At the 10 minute mark of the second quarter, we found ourselves 40 points down, only to fall short by 7 points after drawing level deep into the last quarter.

We had some excellent contributions over the day, but unfortunately we had too many who were not able to play their role for long enough!

With a number of different players coming in over the last 5 to 6 weeks, we will take some good lessons into the bye week, and look to rebound strongly in 2 weeks time.

Central District   0-2   4-5   5-11   9-13   (67)  
South Adelaide   4-3   7-4   9-5   11-8   (74)  

BEST - Jordan O'Brien, James Watt, Ryley Maitland, Ari Rigney, Matthew White, Ben Antonie

GOALS - Malachai Ahmatt-Lovett 2, Connor Mclean 2, James Watt 1, Nick Lange 1, Matthew White 1, Ryan Humphries-Carnelly 1, Ben Nason 1



Whist we didn't quiet get over the line in a tough and close encounter, we are again pleased and excited by the efforts of the young players that have come into the side.

We were able to debut three more players who have come up through our Under 18's.  All  three players having an excellent impact on the game.

In the end, some costly turnovers and decisions at important moments of the game were the difference.  Two late scores against us in the final minutes of the game left us with the 7-point loss.

Along with the young players, we had excellent contribution from our senior players that continue to lead by great example.

We get an opportunity to look to improve against South Adelaide this weekend, leading into a bye the following week.

Central District   5-4   6-5   11-5   12-7   (79)  
North Adelaide   2-1   7-3   9-6   13-8   (86)  

BEST - Aaron Nietschke, Ben Nason, Rhett Montgomerie, Ben Antonie, Wyatt Patterson, Ryan Humphries-Carnelly

GOALS - Ben Nason 3, Jack Hannath 2, Ari Rigney 2, Ryan Falkenberg 1, Malachai Ahmatt-Lovett 1, Aaron Nietschke 1, Jordan O'Brien 1, Ryder Eberhard 1



While it won't go down as a great game of football, or our best performance it was still a pleasing result after a couple of tough weeks.

With still a number of areas of needing to be improved, there were some really impressive passages of play as well as some excellent performances from a number of players, who continue to play consistent football week after week.

It was also another opportunity to see two more debutants out of our Under 18 system, with both players showing some excellent signs.

We continue to be excited by the underage players that are getting some nice exposure at senior level, and look forward to that continuing over the next part of the season.

We look forward to taking on North Adelaide this coming Sunday.

Central District   4-3   6-8   10-8   12-14   (86)  
Port Adelaide   1-2   1-3   4-6   7-9   (51)  

BEST - Rhett Montgomerie, Jacob Templeton, Wyatt Patterson, Ben Antonie, Malachai Ahmatt-Lovett, Murray Stephenson

GOALS - Ben Nason 4, Malachai Ahmatt-Lovett 3, Jack Hannath 2, Ryder Eberhard 1, Nick Lange 1, Josh Spence 1




A frustrating night on Friday.  We were well beaten by a harder working, more desperate team.

The Eagles were able to constantly put us under pressure around the ball.  They worked a lot harder away from the contest and we couldn't find a way to match that, or respond at any point.

After being consistent in our effort for the first 8 games, this was a big wake up call for a number of players.  Collectively we need to bring a greater attitude and be prepared to play with greater effort for longer periods.  Anything less than that will not be up to standard.

We will look to respond this weekend against Port Adelaide.

Central District     3-2   4-3   4-3   5-5   (35)
Eagles     2-5   9-6   10-12   15-13   (103)

BEST - Nick Lange, Bradley Bain, Ben Antonie, Frazer O'Gorman, Jordan Furnell, Jacob Templeton

GOALS - Ryan Humphries-Carnelly 1, Josh Richardson 1, Tyler Harris 1, Nick Lange 1, Ryder Eberhard 1



A slightly disappointing result in the end, after showing some good fight over the course of the night.

We felt we had enough opportunities to win the game.  With some poor kicking for goal and not enough intensity from a defensive perspective, we allowed Norwood to stay in touch and overrun us in the last 15 minutes of the game.

Again, we had some solid contributions from our consistent players.  It also allowed more game time for the younger players, who we are impressing with their cotinued development.

We have an opportunity to bounce back this Friday night, against the Eagles at home.


Central District   1-6   5-9   7-12   9-13   (67)        
Norwood   3-2   4-3   6-5   13-11   (89)        

BEST - Jack Hannath, Jacob Templeton, Wyatt Patterson, Josh Richardson, Jordan Furnell, Murray Stephenson

GOALS - Ryan Humphries-Carnelly 2, Jack Hannath 2, Ryder Eberhard 2, Josh Richardson 1, Jordan Furnell 1, Jarrod O'Brien 1




An important step for the development of our group, to come from behind at three quarter time.  

With a number of players out of the game due to injury, to find a way to win against last year's Premiers was a great result.  

It was pleasing again to see some more experienced players having a strong impact and putting their names up for selection.  

There were also 3 more debutants at this level, having a really solid start and influence on our performance.

While not our best performance, it is a positive result and it continues to build the confidence of the group leading into Norwood this Friday night.  

Central District       3-3   5-4   7-6   10-8   (68)  
Sturt       2-2   6-2   9-3   10-6   (66)  

BEST - Josh Rchardson, Jack Hannath, Ryan Llewellyn, Luke Habel, Jacob Templeton, Ben Antonie

GOALS - Nick Lange 2, Jarrod O'Brien 2, Ryan Humphries-Carnelly 1, Frazewr O'Gorman 1, Jacob Templeton 1, Brad Beswick 1, Ryder Eberhard 1, Jake Billing 1




A really pleasing result on a couple of accounts.  

Firstly, as a response to a last quarter fade-out last week, it was important that we found a way to bring a solid effort for four quarters.

Secondly, we were able to see some nice reward and result by playing in the aggressive manner that we are wanting to play, both offensively and defensively.

Lastly, with some injury concerns in our League side, there are some players in strong contention given their recent form. 

A lot to like as a collective and a lot to still improve on as we move on to Sturt this week.

Central District     4-2   7-5   10-6   13-10   (88)  
North Adelaide     3-2   4-3   7-3   8-3   (51)  

BEST - Brendan Dew, Jacob Templeton, Dylan Weaver, Brody Mahoney, Ben Nason, Wyatt Patterson

GOALS - Ben Nason 3, Brendan Dew 2, Ryder Eberhard 2, Ryan Humphries-Carnelly 2, Brad Bain 1, Brody Mahoney 1, Steve Burton 1, Jacob Templeton 1




A disappointing result and hopefully some lessons learned for a number of players on the weekend.

While we were not completely satisfied with how we had played, we found ourselves leading by 24 points at the three quarter time break.  A 5 goal to 3 points final quarter left us with a 3 point loss.

Some great lessons on areas we have been demanding in and around total team first actions, and an ability to find a way when momentum is going against us, will hopefully be of great value moving forward.

The great thing about football is we get an opportunity to improve again this Friday night against North Adelaide at home. Nothing less than 21 committed players for long periods will be excepted this week!

Central District   5-0   7-1   12-1   12-4   (76)  
South Adelaide   2-5   4-10   6-11   11-13   (79)  

BEST - Ben Nason, Jack Hannath, Dylan Weaver, Ben Antonie, Luke Habel, Jacob Templeton

GOALS - Jack Hannath 2, Chol Anyang 2, Ben Nason 2, Luke Habel 1, Ryan Falkenberg 1, Brenton Watts 1, Jez McLennan 1, Brody Mahoney 1, Josh Richardson 1




A really pleasing result to come away with a solid win, against the ladder leaders on their home ground.

We were able to play some good football both with and without the ball, and with some of the key team-first characteristics that we are wanting to see, were really evident in the first 3 qtrs.

A slight drop off in our work rate and intensity allowed the game to get a little closer than it should have.  But overall, we are pleased with the improvement we're seeing.

We're looking forward to taking on South Adelaide at Noarlunga this Saturday!

Central District   5-1   8-2   11-5   11-7   (73)    
Glenelg   4-1   6-2   7-4   10-7   (67)    

BEST - Ryan Llewellyn, Dylan Weaver, Jake Billing, Josh Richardson, Brendan Dew, Murray Stephenson

GOALS - Jake Billing 5, Ben Nason 2, Sam Milne 2, Brendan Dew 1, Brody Mahoney 1





Whilst we were not able to produce our best football over the day, we were pleased to be able to keep ourselves in the contest.  We managed to find a way to win the game after being behind at 3/4 time.

Overall, we felt we were a little flat and lacked the energy we posessed the previous week.  However it was a good learning experience to work our way out of it in the end.

There was a lot to like in some of the consistent performances we've seen in some of our players these first 3 rounds.  This could see a few pushing for selection in the League team this week.

Central District   4-1   5-3   7-5   10-7   (67)  
West Adelaide   2-3   5-5   7-8   8-9   (57)  


BEST - Nick Madden, Nick Gillard, Matthew White, Ben Antonie, Josh Richardson, Ben Nason


GOALS - Ben Nason 3, Ryan Falkenberg 3, Tyler Harris 2, Josh Richardson 1, Brody Mahoney 1





A really pleasing performance by the Reserves, after a disappointing result in Round 1.

There was a real emphasis on sustained effort for long periods, with a strong belief that other areas would then fall into place.

We felt like we had a genuine team contribution from all. This was evident with a number of players having between 10 and 20 possessions, and also a number of contributors on the scoreboard over the day.

We had 3 players playing their first official game for the Club at Senior Level, and a couple who are still very new.  We are excited by what we are seeing and looking forward to continued improvement next week against West Adelaide.

Central District       6-8   8-9   12-15   16-18   (114)  
Eagles       0-1 5-1 8-2 13-4 (82)  


Nick Madden, Ben Nason, Matthew White, Dylan Weaver, Luke Habel, Steve Burton



Luke Habel 4, Ben Nason 4, Tyler Harris 3, Ryan Humphries-Carnelly 1, Ryley Maitland 1, Frazer O'Gorman 1, Nick Madden 1, Brody Mahoney 1




A disappointing first half that saw us second to the ball on many occasions.  We were generally outworked across the ground, which left us with a lot of work to do in the second half. 

With an improvement in effort after half time, we were able to work our way back into the game, and gave ourselves a strong chance to win late in the game.

Through strong defensive pressure and general workrate, we put together a dominant second half and finished with six more scoring shots.  Unfortunately we didn't capitalise and couldn't quite get the result.

Overall, a positive second half with a number of guys playing their first game for the Club, and another talented bunch of young guys still waiting for a chance.

Central District     0-1   2-4   4-8   7-11   (53)  
North Adelaide     2-2   6-2   8-2   9-3   (57)  


Matthew White, Nick Gillard, Nick Madden, Brendan Dew, Ben Antonie, Brody Mahoney


Tyler Harris 2, Nick Gillard 1, Matthew White 1, Ben Nason 1, Luke Habel 1, Brenton Watts 1




Central District   4-1   6-2   7-5   10-8   (68)  
Norwood   4-1   4-6   5-6   7-6   (48)  


Ben Nason, Aaron Nietschke, Nick Gillard, Jez McLennan, Jordan Shirley, Dylan Weaver



Llewellyn Milera 3, Aaron Nietschke 1, Tyler Harris 1, Ben Nason 1, Ryan Falkenberg 1, Nick Gillard 1, Jake Billing, Jordan Shirley


Central District   3-3   6-6   7-11   10-14   (74)    
Sturt 3-1 5-4 5-4 8-4 (52)    


Ryan Humphries-Carnelly, Ryan Falkenberg, Ben Nason, Nathan Kennedy, Dylan Weaver, Ryley Maitland



Llewellyn Milera 3, Ben Nason 2, Ryan Humphries-Carnelly 1, Josh Habel 1, Jarred Jones 1, Sam Hanna 1, Ryan Falkenberg 1





Central District  2 - 0  4 - 3  6 - 6   8 - 7  (55)
Glenelg  3 - 1  7 - 4  10 - 7  15 - 10  (100)


Aaron Nietschke, Matthew White, Ben Nason, Jarred Jones, Ryan Falkenberg, Rhett Montgomerie


Ben Nason 4, Ryan Falkenberg 2, Ryley Maitland 1, Bradley Mitchell 1


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