Sam Milne

Birthdate: 23 February 199

Height: 178cm

Weight: 79kg

Games: 55

Goals: 26

Recruited from: Albury Tigers (NSW)

League debut: 2013


Sponsored By: Gary McGill

Nicknames: Milney, Boots, Sammy

Occupation/ Employer: Uni Student/ Zorich group

Favourite Food: Lasagne

Hardest Working Team Mate/s: Luke Habel

Biggest Influence on Career: Paul Spargo

Achievements/ Career Highlights: 3 Senior Premierships (2 GGGM, Albury), 2015 CDFC Reserves Best and Fairest

Best Advice Given by Mentor/ Coaches: Train the way you play

Do you have a hidden talent: Can't say

Three things you would like to have on a deserted island: Friends, Food, Footy