Trent Goodrem

Birthdate: 29 January 1987

Height: 183cm

Weight: 90kg

Games: 197

Goals: 137

Recruited from: East Coast Eagles (NSW)

League debut: 2007


Sponsored by: Red Lantern Snack Bar

Nickname/s:  Goodie

Occupation/Employer:  Zorich Group

Favourite Food:  Pad Thai

Pets/Name:  Dogs - Cruskit and Atticus

Hardest working team mate/s:  Kyle Jenner (he blows out massively if he doesn't)

Biggest influence on career:   Kris Grant

Achievements/Career highlights:  2008, 2009 (Jack Oatey Medal 2009) and 2010 Premierships

Best advice given by mentor/coach:  "Talent will only get you so far", "you don't go broke backing winners" (Harbs)

Do you have a hidden talent:  Putting up with Kyle Jenner

Three things you would like to have on a deserted island:  Golf course, a pub, a book - 'How To Survive on a Deserted Island For Dummies'