Kyle Presbury

Birthdate: 14 January 1997

Height: 180cm

Weight: 84kg

Games: 45

Goals: 41

Recruited from: Trinity College / Eastern Park

League debut: 2015 v North Adelaide at Playford Alive Oval


Sponsored by:  The Frame Connection

Nickname/s:  Elvis, Prez

Occupation/Employer:  Casual work

Favourite Food:  Pasta

Pets/Name:  Flaming aces

Hardest working team mate/s:  Chris Jansen & Luke Habel

Most annoying teammate:  Justin Hoskin

Biggest influence on career:  Dad, Paul Thomas & Trav Schiller

Achievements/Career highlights:  SA U18's, being the face of northern suburbs public transport

Best advice given by mentor/coach:  Take the game on

Do you have a hidden talent:  Winning pokies

Three things you would like to have on a deserted island:  Carton of Mishka, food & lads

Hobbies:  Cricket & Pokies (shogun)